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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 32 | August 12, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

The Lost Library Book

One of my friends lost her school library book. A few days later, our librarian asked her to meet him in the library. He was very old and strict.However, while entering the library she suddenly decided to walk in confidently. Sir looked up at her and said, “Well, you still did not submit your library book that you borrowed almost two weeks ago. Where is the book?” My friend stared back at him and with a sheepish smile on her face, she replied, “No, not at all sir. I have already submitted my book last week. Remember, a few days ago there was a long queue inside the library and you were also very busy so you ordered me to keep the book on your desk and told me to collect the library card later? That is why my library card is still here but you see I have already returned the book.” After hearing this, sir got confused and replied, “I am so sorry. Nowadays I am always forgetting things.” I was completely dumbfounded seeing my friend's masterpiece of manipulation!

Zerin Firoz
Sunshine Grammar School and College, Chittagong.

Play Truant

Sometimes in school the classes become boring and monotonous and as usual we try to get out of it. When I was in class 9, one day, we decided to flee from school, but it was not easy at all. Whoever will try and attempt to play truant will surely be taken to the principle. There were four of us who planned on bunking class. We used a shortcut by the jungle nearby school through to the exit gate. Unfortunately, one of our teachers was having a conversation with our guard right at that moment. We weren't very far from them and the teacher noticed us. As soon as we noticed him see us, we ran for it. The funny thing was that he couldn't see our faces. The situation became even funnier when, after sometime, the teacher came to our class and asked our class captain if he had any idea about those who tried to flee from the school. What was brilliant was that, the class captain was actually one of us who had planned to bunk the class himself!

Tanvir Ahmed
Dawood Public School, Jessore.

Shocking Punishment

It was my 1st semester in university when a memorable incident took place while a class test was going on. Our teacher, Md Abul Kashem, came to class early and started to hand out papers. After getting the question papers, we all started getting very nervous because there was some analytical and practical terms that only those who understood and read the notes properly, would be able to answer. Only some students could answer the questions and others were copying from them. Our teacher noticed but he was busy doing other things. Suddenly, he told us that he had noticed who were copying and he will deduct two marks from them. But the students chose to ignore him since there was no other way to finish the exam and after all, it was only two marks! After the exam, the teacher took the papers and said, “Your marks is 20 and those who copied lose 2. If you cut 2 from 20, that leaves you with…0.” Yes, he tricked us!

Mohiuddin Sujon
University of Information Technology and Sciences, Chittagong.

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