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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 32 | August 12, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Being Independent!

Actor Orchita Sporshia
Talks to
Salman Rob

Credit: Kaushik Iqbal

I started school at Cephalon International School, where I studied till class eight after which I went private for my O'level and A'level exams. School was always fun for me. Since I was the only child in my family, going to school was like entering a play ground. Bunking school was something I never used to opt for but bunking classes was a regular thing. I used to love being around my friends and would come up with random ideas. A funny moment back from school would be the time when my friends and I punctured all the four tires of our principal's car; something which we never got caught for!

After Cephalon International School I joined Gateway coaching where I made a huge bunch of friends and started making a lot of memories. The location of our coaching centre was block-A, Lalmatia and we had an attitude of owning the area! But to be honest, that was just my friends and I being the youngsters that we were. I remember there was this little fast food joint right beside our coaching centre where we used to eat a lot and pay less for which the store eventually got closed! Sadly there was another fast food joint on the same road which also got closed because of us.

I was a girl who would always stand up for herself before someone else would. If any boy from the coaching centre did or said anything offensive, I would go right up to him and start a fight. Since I had my classes starting from eight in the morning that went on till evening, being independent was something I started learning from there.

After my A'levels I started teaching students. Like every one else, I needed pocket money. And right after that, the Airtel offer came along which boomed my career. Nowadays I do not get to meet my friends as much as I did before but whenever we can, we meet up and it amuses me at times because we tend to forget that we haven't met for so long!

I joined the University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB) to study Media studies and Journalism. The first few days were a bit tough as most of the students gave me cold shoulders because they thought I was showing off whereas I was waiting for some one to introduce themself to me. But we got over the complication, and finally they got to know the real me and we all got along well.

I have started working as an actress from this year, and did a couple of TV films and fictions as well. Everyday I am learning something new and I love it. Film directing excites me a lot and that is also a part of my future plans. I want to learn and gather as much knowledge as possible through acting and, someday, maybe start directing myself.

To all the young readers, stay sincere to what you do no matter what job you are doing. We have to look up and go forward, there is no going back. If we go back then we are dragging our nation behind as well.

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