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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 31 | August 05, 2012 |


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Going Global

Of Knowledge and Creativity

Elita Karim

One of the campuses of Assumption University.

One of the leading universities in Thailand is the Assumption University (AU), which is recognised as the first International University in Thailand. Initially originating from Assumption Commercial College in 1969 as an autonomous higher education institution under the name of Assumption School of Business, this university now boasts a large number of students from all over the world -- United States, United Kingdom, the Middle East, India, Bangladesh and many more. The university is also popularly known as ABAC, especially amongst the younger people, since in 1972, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the university was officially established as Assumption Business Administration College or ABAC. After being accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs in 1975, it was granted new status, in 1990, as Assumption University by the Ministry of University Affairs.

Pertaining to the new age thoughts and blending them with the age old traditions of respecting each others' differences, the Assumption University of Thailand envisions itself as an international community of scholars. The university engages in the pursuit of truth and knowledge and also plans to serve society with the acquired knowledge and the young talent pool it creates. AU is enriched by more than 20,000 students of 87 countries and about 1300 faculty members of more than 30 nationalities, which is representing diversified international culture within the University. Assumption University offered about 39 Bachelor's Degree Programmes, 45 Master's Degree Programmes, and 13 Doctoral Degree Programmes, mainly focus on Business Administration, Management and Information Technology.

According to the university website, the authorities consider their graduates to be healthy and open-minded, characterised by personal integrity, possessing independent minds and creative thinking skills.

It further says that ABAC graduates are professionally competent, willing to exercise responsible leadership for economic progress in a just society and are also able to communicate effectively with people from other nations and to participate in globalisation.

Abida Mirza Shathi is a second year student of Business at the Assumption University. After finishing with her A levels at Sunny Dale in Dhaka, she opted to move "closer to home" for her higher studies. "My father travels to Thailand quite often for business," says Shathi. "Plus, I have family friends there, which is why I believe Thailand to be my second home in many ways. Going to ABAC was probably a very good decision on my part and also for my parents, since not only does the university have proper facilities and a strong faculty base to teach different disciplines of study, but also is safe and friendly for foreign and local students alike."

"We get students from all over the world every year," says Farai Ngoni Bimha, Associate Director of International Admissions, Assumption University. "As a former student of this university, I can confidently say that AU is probably one of the most beautiful campuses in the continent!" As for the number of Bangladeshi students incoming every year, Bimha adds, “We have Bangladeshi students coming in every year to explore opportunities in our university. Not only do the diverse curriculum attract these students to AU, but also the fact that here they get a chance to explore their creativity, go all out and imagine!”

The AU degree is now acceptable to world's top ranked universities like Harvard University (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), London School of Economics (UK), University of Michigan (USA), Cornell University (New York, USA). Not only that AU has affiliation with Exeter (UK), London South Bank (UK), Nottingham (UK), Wollongong (Australia), Pepperdine (California, USA), De Paul (Chicago, USA), University of California (USA), University of New South Wales (Australia), and so on, in addition they have Joint programmes, Exchange programmes, Double degree programmes with different universities in the world. For more information on Assumption University, check out their website: www.au.edu

THE 10TH THAILAND INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION EXPO (TIEE) will be held during February 22-24, 2013 at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand. Interested students and parents are cordially invited from Thai Trade Center, Dhaka to visit the expo and explore new opportunities on higher studies in Thailand.

Contact addresses in Bangladesh:
Thai Trade Center
Office of Commercial Affairs
Royal Thai Embassy, Dhaka.
Red Crescent Concord Tower (3rd Floor)
17, Mohakhali C/A. Dhaka-1212.
Tel: 02-9850056-7. Fax: 02-9850059
Email: thaitrade@link3.net

Assumption University, Bangladesh Office
House No: 7, Road No: 8, Block - F
Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka - 1219, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 - 7287751
E-mail: eecp.bd@gmail.com

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