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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 31 | August 05, 2012 |


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Fun and Insightful

Musician Adit
Talks to
Saad Adnan Khan


I completed my schooling from Dhanmondi Government Boys High School and then I enrolled to Dhaka Commerce College where I finished my higher secondary education. After that I graduated from SMUCT in the discipline of fashion designing and did my Masters in fashion merchandising from the same institution. My school life was not that enjoyable and hence not very memorable. But I made some great friends during those years. We were always up to some kind of mischief. There was a coaching centre right opposite to our school. After school, my friends and I would go, and basically do everything else but study. My friends and I loved fooling around, and playing pranks on each other. Once, one of my friends told me that he was going off to Canada, when in fact he was only taking a trip to Bagerhat. The embarrassing part was that we actually fell for it.

The transition from school to university was unique. University was the best thing that happened to me. It was a markedly different experience since people were all grown up and the vibe was so unique. I learned to play the guitar from Hyder Hussain. He played a very important role in my life, inspiring me to pursue music. I listened to all kinds of music. I never learned music institutionally. But I do have plans to learn the clarinet, piano and the cello someday from abroad. I love to do anything good, and try to have eclectic taste, as I lend my ears to different forms of music such as Eastern and Western classical, jazz, blues, funk, retro, reggae, rap, electronic, industrial, techno, fusion, rock and experimental.

Although my first musical creations happened due to my band called 'Myth', my biggest official break, as I would call it, came when I got the opportunity to work as an assistant director with Arnob. I met him at an album launching ceremony of my band Myth, where I presented him a copy of the album. Later on, he invited me to work with him as his assistant, which I gladly accepted. Under his guidance, I got to work in the movies--Monpura, Jaago and Deep Nebhar Aagey. Working with Arnob also strengthened my networking. It needs no mentioning that Ontohin was a smash hit and it changed my life as I made quite an impact in the local music industry as a composer. It made me who I am today as a musician.

Very recently, I have formed a new band called Aarohi. What is different about this band is that all the members of this band have different musical interests and backgrounds, facilitating a unique emulsion of different ideas and approaches. Currently we are working on our debut album.

A few works are under progress, such as Ontohin 2, a film and an album of both Beauty Das and Ronty Das. I'm also directing an album for a young girl called Purbita. I aspire to work with various indigenous musicians of Bangladesh and produce an album in the coming days. In the very distant future, I'd like to open a music academy with experienced music instructors from different parts of the world. The academy would train people on instruments as the sarangi, cello, saxophone, trumpet, bassoon and many others.

Besides being a musician, I am also a foodie! I've always wanted to open a café since childhood. Video making is another interest of mine and currently, I am producing a commercial film under my new production house called Fatman Films. My only advice to young musicians is to do whatever music that they are doing with their undivided dedication and perseverance. They must also remember that music itself is a potent addiction and a musician doesn't need to resort to drugs for enriching art.

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