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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 29 | July 22, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Acidic Punishment

This incident happened during our first year in our Chemistry lab. We had an organic chemistry practical from 1:30 pm that day. Our teacher gave us the necessary instructions and then got busy doing his own work in his office attached to the lab. We were a group of four from which two of us got busy doing the 'wet test' using concentrated sulphuric acid to determine the presence of nitrogen. One of our friends suddenly felt the urge to have a little fun during the experiment. He filled up a test tube with sulphuric acid and tried to feed it to another friend. Our teacher walked into the lab just then and saw what was happening. The teacher asked what was going on and everyone was silent. He then asked my friend to write four hundred lines as punishment. The sentences were, 'I am an idiot and stupid. I will never do anything wrong again!' Since then we have been calling that friend of ours 'acid' for a nickname.

Tanveer Hossain
University of Chittagong, Chittagong.

Head shot!

'Bomb basting!' as many call it, is a very popular game in many schools. When I was in grade eight we challenged the ninth graders to a nine on nine bomb basting match. We used to play with mostly rubber balls, so that it would not hurt much. We scored 50 points if we hit the head. The head shot was the toughest. So the game started and as usual we were getting bullied through out the game by the seniors and at the last minute we noticed we were 40 points behind. I had the ball and I knew we needed a head shot. I threw the ball and it did hit a senior, but at the same time it also injured him pretty badly. Ironically enough, the wounded guy is one of my closest friends now.

Faiaz Ahmed
North Sourth University,

A Friendship Sign

Rajdeep Das was my childhood best friend and still is. He and I used to live in the same residential area. My friend had a nice playground beside his house. It was summer vacation when I went to his playground to play football with him but he told me that the ball was punctured. So, I told my friend to have a race from his house to mine and whoever is the winner will get a Pepsi from his opponent. The race started and the first 250 meters I ran like a tiger and the rest 250 meters I was carried by my friend all the way to my house because he pushed me so hard that I fell down and got injured. When we reached home my parents didn't scold me at all but tried to stop the bleeding. After 2 weeks when I got well I could see that there were some wounds remaining on my hands and legs. Then I went to my parents and told them that my friend put scars on my hands and legs by getting me injured. These are the things that remind me of him now ever so often.

Debashish Sarkar Durjoy
HURDCO International School, Dhaka.

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