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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 29 | July 22, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

The Small Wonders!

Saad Adnan Khan
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Imagine this--you use the toilet/urinal/ bathroom at your university, go to the basin to wash your hands and you see that the liquid soap container is empty, or worse there's no liquid soap container at all! At times, you have to make do with the little pink soap that lies around in the corner, on a soggy soap cover, and basically fight your gag reflex as you see hair and dirt particles neatly lining the surface of the soap. Anyways, moments later, you don't remember any of this, as you have fuchka with your friends, using your hands feeling squeamish? And my friends and colleagues call me neurotic and obsessive compulsive!

It's only natural to sweat in the summer, and also to stink! Plus, there are millions of germs everywhere. Now, why would you put your health at stake, when you can take so many easy initiatives regarding hygiene? True, it might seem a little funny and fussy, carrying around small toiletries in your bag, but hey at the end of the day, don't go blaming the 'situation' for an upset stomach or stinky arm pits, just because you were too lazy to care.

So going back to the dismal situation when you realise that you don't have anything to wash your hands with, after using the toilet, what do you do? Do you step out of the toilet, wiping your hands on the back of your trousers, after running a little water? EW! That is seriously nasty. In order to avoid such an awkward situation, you can carry a small container of liquid soap in your bag. Carrying a small soap is not wise. I mean do you want to put a wet, slimy soap back in your bag after using it, and then take it out again to use later- how messy is that?

Also you know what else is nasty? Eating with dirty hands. Having finger licking good fuchka, without cleaning your hands prior to the feasting. You might not always have the option of running off to the toilet and washing your hands (hold on, there is no liquid soap in the toilet remember?). The best thing to do in this case would be to use a hand sanitizer! They come in small bottles that can be found in any departmental store. They don't even cost that much--100-150 taka I think. It's not even that much of a hassle to carry one bottle in your bag, to use it whenever, and not only before eating!

Body spray/ deodorant a must! No denying that. Once in a while, as you rush out of your home in the morning, you might forget to put it inside your bag, but just don't turn that into a habit. It's of paramount importance that you carry a body spray in this horrendous heat, especially as you do classes in air-conditioned rooms. That reminds me carry-- mint or gum as well.

Some other things that one can carry in the bag in the summer are chap-stick (if you have dry lips), hand lotion (if you have dry skin) and a hair brush. For people, whose hair goes dry, frizzy and sometimes out of control in the summer (like my sister's), it's only common sense to carry around the necessary equipment. One can also carry a skin friendly sun-block. Face cleansers and washes for oily skin can come in handy too.

Most importantly, carry water! By now, you must have been drilled with the constant reminders (of carrying water bottle) from parents. Well, if you are still a reluctant water bottle user, that's just not cool. Dehydrating and fainting in front of everyone-- that's the last thing you want for you to happen in the summer heart (unless you are an attention seeking freak). Plus, it's Ramadan time. You might just have to break your fast on the street, stuck in the traffic. So make sure you carry water!

Summer, Ramadan, traffic-- with so much going on, these small things can be life saviours! With a little money, you can buy and carry these items to classes, work, field and what not! So, go crazy.

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