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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 29 | July 22, 2012 |


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Campus Event

NMCI-Bridging the Gap

Promiti Prova Chowdhury
Photos: Priyanjit Mazumder

R F Hussain, CEO and MD of IDLC Finance Ltd speaking at his session.

A student and a corporate icon, the two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are about to get attached. With such a theme, the event titled 'NSUers Meet Corporate Icons'12 (NMCI)' (season 3), successfully took place at North South University (NSU) premises on July 15 and 16, arranged by Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES!), the business club of NSU. The aim of this event was to create a platform for the students to interact with the embraced personalities of the corporate world.

The speakers for the 15th were Tahniyat Ahmed Karim, Head of HR, Brac Bank Ltd, Adil Hossian Noble, Head of Corporate and SME Sales, Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, G Samdany Don, Independent Career Consultant and Marketing Specialist from one of the largest FMCG Companies, and K H Asadul Islam, MD and CEO, City Brokerage Ltd. On the next day, Annisul Huq, Former President, FBCCI, R F Hussain, CEO and MD, IDLC Finance Ltd, Shahnawaz Chowdhury, COO and Head of Operations, AB Bank Ltd and Mehboob Chowdhury, CEO, Citycell, Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd enlightened the students.

Each session was held for one and a half hour. Tahniyat Ahmed Karim shed light on the HR and recruitment policy of the BRAC bank. Being the Sales in-charge, Adil Hossain Noble differentiated between 'Marketing' and 'Sales'. He sketched out the problems one has to face while working for sales. He suggested the students to be very patient because in job life there is a high competition but changing sectors again and again is a strict 'no no!'. He emphasised the students to target from the very beginning according to their choices and avoid shortcuts. Because starting is always the hardest and changing job field again and again hampers one's growth of maturity.

The session of G Samdany Don was a bit different from all the others as he did not represent any particular company but talked as a career consultant. With his cracking jokes and humour the session turned out to be very interactive. He emphasised on the importance of extra-curricular activities repeatedly and also pointed out that extra-curricular activities do not necessarily mean only club activities. It can be singing, dancing, theatre and so on. These activities add in one's identity and nourish presentation skills. He also gave tips on writing a proper CV and facing interviews.

Annisul Huq, Former President of FBCCI, leaves the crowd spellbound.

Following that, K H Asadul Islam arrived who conducted his session candidly by describing the bond and share market. He chalked out pros and cons of the stock market and economic states. Alongside, he guided the students to build a strong network which is very necessary in the sector of Finance.

The next day started with the much awaited session of Annisul Huq. The students were greatly inspired hearing the stories of the struggles he did and the excruciating obstacles that he faced in the beginning of his career. Selim R F Hussain started his session with the phrase 'Invest in Yourself'. By this he meant that one has to keep learning and enhancing his or her set of skills. Because the actual learning starts when one enters into a job. He clearly stated out that a degree from IBA, NSU or BRAC is not enough to get a job. “The degree might only take you to face the interview. But it is your 'communication skill' which is most important,” he said.

Shahnawaz Chowdhury gave the students a good laugh by showing a funny video where a dog tries to sell himself to the buyers at a pet shop! It shows how exuberantly the dog describes all its qualities! With such demonstration Shahnawaz actually gave the students the message to prepare a substantial CV. He also talked about what is the job of 'operations', what are the prospects of career in operations etc. Last but not the least Mehboob Chowdhury shared his experience of building his career and being what he is today. He stated the turning points of his life and the initiatives he took. Like, the initial branding of flexiload.

Around 1500 students registered for the eight sessions and certificates were given to them. Reshad Mohaimen, President, NSU YES said, “Seminars are usually boring. Students do not attend them seriously. So we came up with the idea of NMCI and the response was massive. It was indeed a sharing session where students could communicate directly with their icons.”

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