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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 27 | July 08, 2012 |


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Campus Trends


Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

There has been a number of articles on summer wear in magazines all over the country. But there really is no option than to suggest clothing items to people to take that extra-load off and handle the heat in a sane manner. This year, the breezeless-rainfalls in Dhaka did not help; the humidity and that certain sticky feeling do not seem to leave even now. With weather like this, cotton and polyester shirts and t-shirts are absolutely ideal, especially for students stepping out in this heat to attend classes almost every other day. Besides, the young people will also experience the comfort blending with style. One particular kind of t-shirt that has not gone out of style for a very long time is the polo shirt.


A tennis shirt or also commonly known as a polo shirt or a golf shirt, is a type of t-shirt with a collar, typically with some buttons down a slit below the collar, two small slits on the bottom of either side with or without a pocket. These shirts are usually made of cotton or polyester. A quick search on the internet will tell you how the style of the polo shirt has evolved from tennis shirts, from way back in the late 19th century. After that, t-shirts of this kind were commonly worn by polo players, and thus the name! 'Polo Shirts' became a widely used term in America, even unofficially, when they became fashionable. As the golf attire also became more easygoing and less formal in the 20th century, golf players also adopted polo shirts as their standard attire.

Gone are the days when a polo shirt was a high society get-up. Polo shirts have become a popular favourite through out the ages for people of every age and class. Men and women all over the world own at least one polo shirt. It holds a similar importance like a pair of denim jeans or the 'Little Black Dress'.

Polo shirts suit boys and girls alike.

Since polo shirts have become popular all over the world as a part of a good fashion statement, even Bangladesh did not hold back. Markets all over the country provide the young and old with comfortable polo shirts at great prices. Polo shirts are widely available at the Doja Market for boys and girls alike. But, as mentioned before, you have to have great bargaining skills. Generally, polo t-shirts will cost between Tk 500-600 each, unless the young buyer faces a completely delusional seller and is asked to pay Tk 800-1000 instead! Our advice -- run to the next store immediately! If you can bargain right, the t-shirts will end up costing at around Tk 200-300 each.

The great thing about polo shirts is their variety in colours. The t-shirts are available in many different colours ranging from the ordinary black and whites to bright yellows and reds all the way to the cooling colours like light blue or light green. And let's not forget the striped ones! They are perfect to wear with a pair of skinny jeans, straight cut jeans or even chequered shorts for men.

Polo shirts give off a very casual yet trendy feel to your sense of style. So when footwear is considered, flip-flops or sneakers are a great way to finish things off.

When in need of comfort, since it is the ultimate requirement for the weather, there is no need to hold back on fashion. Many believe that giving up style is the only way to achieve comfort. But the polo shirts have always been there to prove this theory wrong.

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