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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 27 | July 08, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Another Prank Gone Wrong

The friend circle that I grew up with was awesome yet severely destructive and brilliantly evil. Playing pranks on one another was a must and we could not finish a day in school without doing so. I remember this one time when one of my friends had to take revenge for a previous prank, which was played on him by me. They decided to make me trip on my way to class after our boring morning assemblies. One of them came up with an idea to place banana peels with liquid soap on the ground and could not have been happier to think how badly I would fall. After the assembly was over, I started walking to class, successfully avoiding all the suspicious banana peels but heard a big thud from behind. I turned around and saw our school Vice Principal lying on his back shouting out loud to catch the brats who placed this. Later, my friends got suspended for a week but that did not stop them from playing another prank on me.

Shadman Fahim
BRAC University, Dhaka.


The time our school gates used to shut was 8:30 in the morning and usually all of us used to be there by 8:25. But, one day there was tremendous traffic jam on our way and therefore, some of my friends and I reached school some time around 8:45. Even after repeated requests, the school authority refused to let us in. But we all were determined to get in as we had to come through such a tough time in the traffic. We all decided to climb up the wall and get in. Just when two of my friends got in and I was on top of the wall, the Principal of our school noticed us doing this act. We were all scared and I was, literally, falling off the wall! The Principal came near us and shouted at us, “How dare you students bunk school?!” We were astonished upon hearing his words but soon realised what he actually thought we were doing. We all were brought in to the school and were given a detention of two hours after school that day.

Ishmam Masood Yakeen
Scholastica School, Dhaka.

Changing Roles

During my school life, I was a very shy and timid girl. I would never bunk classes, never play pranks and always sat in the first row. Then I met my best friend who changed me from head to toe and taught me how to be more, as they say, 'street smart'. I remember the beginning of it all when she talked me into standing up for myself for once. We had a teacher who would misbehave with me a lot, would yell at me for no apparent reason. One day, when that particular teacher's class was coming up, my best friend asked me to bunk it. I, immediately, said no. But she made me realise that the teacher was taking advantage of me because I attended all her classes, did all the work that she asked me to do and still treated me badly. So I went for it. After skipping her class, of course, she filed a complaint against me to a supervisor and when I was questioned, I poured out all my own complaints against the teacher. The teacher was spoken to after that and had not misbehaved with me since then. I learned how sometimes it is absolutely fine not to be the 'goody two-shoes'.

Raisa Anwar
North South University, Dhaka.

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