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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 27 | July 08, 2012 |


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Youth in Action

Going Green!

Syed Sajid Ahmed
Photo: Live2

Live2 events, on June 29 organised a concert to create awareness on various environmental issues amongst the general public, especially the young generation of Bangladesh. The musical gala took place at the Rabindra Sarobar in Dhanmondi where thousands gathered to watch the event. Titled 'Greenitiative', the event was organised to enhance the knowledge of the youth about the environment. Chirkutt and Blunderware were the bands who performed in this event and helped it to become a success.

The band Blunderware performing at the environment friendly concert.

“It's the first ever 'eco-friendly' concert organised in Bangladesh,” said Naqueeb Zaman, the Communication In-charge of Live2. Indeed, it was an eco-friendly event as the organisers made their best efforts to minimise environmental pollution. Minimum amount of PVCs (plastic sheets used for banners) were used in the concert and there was absolutely nothing in the background of the stage. In fact PVCs from past events were re-used. “It could have been a PVC free concert only if it did not rain and we would not have to bother about giving the speakers some protection,” added Naqueeb. The level of sound did not exceed 40 dB in the concert area to avoid noise pollution (anything above 80 dB is considered to cause noise pollution and is damaging to the ears). According to Rakibul Hasan from Live2, “We are using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights instead of the traditional spot lights used in concerts to ensure that electricity consumption is kept to the minimum level.”

The purpose of the concert was to make the youth more aware about the environment.

The event started with a short briefing on the environment and its aspects followed by a power point presentation. The motives and the goals behind the concert were discussed with the audience in a very amusing manner. Finally, the concert kicked off with Blunderware taking on the stage with the song 'Ami Taray Taray Rotiye Debo,' which was originally sung by the legendary singer James. People from all ages, especially students gathered to watch the event. Numbers like 'Rangiye Dao' (originally sung by The Watson Brothers) were sung, which had the crowd on their feet! When asked to say about his feelings, Arman Hossain, a member of the crowd said, “I am simply overjoyed! It's turning out to be a great evening here”. He also said that it's a great initiative taken by the organisers and it's probably the easiest and the most effective way to communicate with the young people of our society. Sayed Ashraf Hossain, who is currently studying in North South University, said that it is a very unique idea to spread awareness in this way, and probably the right way to reach out to the young minds. Like others, he also expects to see more of these awareness programmes in the future. Soon after, Chirkutt replaced Blunderware on stage and started with the song “Emon Deshti Kothao Khuje Pabe Nako Tumi,” which engulfed the crowd with a feeling of patriotism. The crowd simply went berserk when they heard the tunes of “Bondhu” by Chirkut. The most interesting part was that the performers were sitting on buckets that reinforced the theme of the concert furthermore.

About the event, Nafis Ahmed (CEO, LiveSquare) said, “This is just the beginning of some social awareness regarding GREEN. We believe that eventually if we set our activities in GREENITIATIVE as a standard, we can surely contribute towards a greener city.” The event was organised by Live2 events in association with 1° Initiative, NSU Earth Club and IBA Communication Club. Radio Foorti worked as the radio partner while Amadergaan worked as the digital partner for the event. A cleaning campaign took place after the event was over where a total of 42 volunteers gave their best to remove the litters from the concert area and help maintain a green environment.


Kevin Bacon


Kevin Norwood Bacon, one of six children, was born on July 8, 1958 (today is his 54th birthday!), and raised in a close-knit family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Ruth Hilda, taught at an elementary school and was a liberal activist, while his father, Edmund Norwood Bacon, was a well-respected architect and a prominent Philadelphian who had been Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for many years. At 16, in 1975, Bacon won a full scholarship and attended the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts at Bucknell University, a state-funded five-week arts programme where he studied Theatre under Dr Glory Van Scott, which helped solidify Bacon's passion for the arts. Bacon left home at age 17 to pursue a theater career in New York, where he appeared in a production at the Circle in the Square Theater School. Bacon's debut in the fraternity comedy Animal House in 1978 did not lead to the fame for which he had hoped, and Bacon returned to waiting tables and auditioning for small roles in theater. He briefly worked on the television soap operas 'Search for Tomorrow' and 'The Guiding Light' in New York. He refused an offer of a television series based on Animal House to be filmed in California in order to remain close to the New York stage. Some of his early stage work included 'Getting Out' performed at New York's Phoenix Theater, and 'Flux' which he did at Second Stage Theatre during their 1981-1982 season.

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