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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 26 | July 01, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A Memorable Punishment

Rashed Canchon was our beloved bangla teacher who used to give awkward punishment when someone failed to submit homework. One day it was me who became the victim of his punishment. I was told to go to the balcony and hang on to the balcony grills until he asks me to stop. I was trying to do it sincerely. Another class was going on beside our class room and I was seen through the window.Eventually, the other teacher saw me and thought that I was doing it on purpose. He asked me why I was doing it and came forward to hit me. Without killing any time, I quickly told him that it was a punishment given by Rashed sir. After hearing this he was surprised and let me go saying "Do your punishment" and laughed and the whole class with him. When I came to my class, Rashed sir asked me, "Why r u not stopping? I told you to stop long ago". I felt so stupid because I was hanging there a lot longer than I should have!

Abu Zonayed Riyadh
Khulna University, Khulna.

To Be a Bad Boy

When I was in school, I was quite the goody-two-shoes. I was always called 'Mr Good Boy' amongst my friends and I hated it. I used to get so mad at them calling me names that one day I decided to break the rules. When I was in the 7th grade, I told them that I wanted to smoke a cigarette. They did not smoke themselves and to see me want a cigarette was a huge deal. They bought me one and I stood there looking all rough and rugged. I did not know how to light one but I could not embarrass myself enough to actually ask one of them so I gave it a go. I lit up a match and put the cigarette in my mouth. When I was pulling the flame towards me, my hair fell in front of my face and I coughed at the same time. My hair suddenly caught fire and my throat felt like it was going as dry as sand paper. One of my friends, who was carrying a water bottle, drenched my head with the water he had left and then I drank some. Never have I smoked a cigarette after that incident-- so much for being one of the 'bad boys'.

Tanmay Sarkar
East West University, Dhaka.

Teacher's Lunch

There was a teacher in our class who used to bring very delicious lunch to school everyday. He used to keep it in his bag which he brought to our class everyday. Smell of the yummy food (often kebab or tandoori chicken) used to come out of his bag and those of us sitting in the front row used to die of hunger smelling it. We used to crave to have a single bite of it. One day, some of us planned to steal the teacher's lunch and for that we kept a close watch on him that day. We waited for him to leave his bag in the teachers' room and go out. One of us instantly ran into the room (no other teachers were there) and exchanged his food with what one of my friends brought. The teacher later came back and probably never realised what we did with his food. We all later had an awesome time having his meal!

Sajid Hossain
Sholastica School,

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