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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 26 | July 01, 2012 |


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Star Chat

In Love with Music

Drummer Pavel Areen
Talks to
Salman Rob

courtesy: Pavel Areen

I had always been an introvert back in my school days. Studying in Oxford followed by Mastermind, I had my share of bunking classes through out the years in school. I left Mastermind after class eight and gave my O'Level exams in private.

Music was something I never thought I would end up taking up as career. Even when I was a very young boy, my aim was to grow up and look after my fathers' business. Well, that did not work out, but then again I am happy with where I am right now. I started playing drums when I was in nursery one and did a couple of shows in Shishu Academy. I was a known face there cause of my capability of playing the drums at that age. And it seemed very entertaining to the audience as they found it really hard to believe that a small boy somehow managed to fit himself inside the drum kit. Since then my musical journey started.

My brother was a very big influence for me through out my learning curves and so was my mother. Her dream was to see me become a drummer, and I did. Going back to school I remember that I never used to tell anybody about my drum playing, I was never the type to show off. I was like any other student, I used to bunk classes and love stealing food from others. Going to different classes during the break periods and eating everyone elses' lunch was a daily thing. And I used to bring three lunch boxes of my own. I just loved eating in school. I remember this boy who used to bring sandwiches almost everyday and, sadly, back then sandwich was one of my favourite snacks. I always ended up eating that boy's sandwich! Another funny memory in school would be my relation with our games teacher; even he could not run away with his food from me. I used to eat up all his biscuits that he kept in his room.

I performed at my first concert when I was in class two which was another milestone in my life. Slowly I started to realise that music was the only thing that interested me. My first band was called 'Recall', which broke up after our vocals left abroad. Later on I joined another band called 'Border' with whom I performed at the 'DRockstar' show. And now it has been three years since I joined 'Chirkut' and I am not planning to shift anymore. The band is like my family now; there is nothing formal between any of the members. If one has a problem everyone would lend a hand to help.

I went to India for three months in the middle to learn about sound engineering from some elder brothers and contacts. After I came back, I started making jingles for Television Video Commercials (TVC) and for the radio. Gradually, I started building my own studio which now has five different set ups for recording. And Chirkuts first album was recorded in my studio.

At the moment I am working on this new programme called the 'GenX'-- a television musical show. And in the coming future, I plan to develop myself as a proper musician. I am still very young and I have all the time in the world, so focusing on my band and building myself a bigger studio is my aim at the moment.

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