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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 25 | June 24, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

A confusing Ice-cream

It was mid August of 2007. It was terribly hot and we all wanted just a little bit of rain. One day, my friend Bushra and I were returning from college. The afternoon sun had dehydrated and dizzy us. We stopped in New Market to cool down a little. Then we saw a man holding a delicate cold ice-cream coming out from a food court. He looked so happy and delighted and we, on the contrary, looked so miserable and exhausted. He made us feel that it was the ice-cream that was all that we needed to defeat the hot sun. We decided to buy that exact ice-cream with the little money we had in our wallets. We rushed towards the food court and bought two ice-creams, which left us with empty wallets. However, we imagined the ice-cream as a life-saviour and did not care about how expensive it was. And as soon as we licked it, we realised how terrible it tasted since it was banana flavoured! All our money we spent ended up being a complete waste.

Nazia Tasnim
University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

Just My Luck!

We loved bunking classes at school, especially when it rained. When we were in the tenth grade, we always looked for opportunities to get out on the field and play soccer in the rain. Our teachers used to get so pissed that we ended up getting detention a couple of times. However, once we tried to escape DURING detention, by skipping over the school boundary wall. Some of us could not manage to, because of the wet wall and slippery shoes. But they were actually the lucky ones, because the ones who did get on the other side, met face to face with the principal, who was strolling outside the compound right when we were escaping! Not only did we get detention, but reports were sent to our parent as well!

Shihab Khondoker
North South University, Dhaka.

An Evil Desire!

When I was a kid I had a friend called Ramisa. She was my next door neighbour and everyday I used to go to her place to play and have the amazing delicacies made by her mom. One day we were standing in the balcony when we saw, Sony, a girl living in the same building getting out of her car with a large take-away bag of KFC! All of a sudden some mischievous ideas came into our minds. We said, “Let's go to her place right now.” The plan was, if we enter just after the moment she enters with the parcel of KFC, she will be bound to offer some to us! So we went and pressed the door bell and her younger sister opened the door. She said that Sony had gone to another apartment. Then their mom came and almost forced us to get in and help the younger sister study! Alas! Our desire to get some 'free meal' turned into baby sitting instead!

Ishraq Ahmed
Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka.

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