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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue 25 | June 24, 2012 |


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A Hilarious, Easy Going Individual

Actor Musafire Sayed
Talks to
Saad Adnan Khan

Courtesy: Musafire Sayed

I was never a good student, and I could not care less. I failed my HSC exams in 2001 and I sat for it in private three years later from Sharkari Biggyan College (Government Science College). The only reason I sat for it twice was because of my mother. She could not bear the idea of her son failing, but I was rather chilled out. I had to force myself to make an effort to pass and went through the gruelling experience of sitting in the exam yet again.

I was always the 'foorti-baaj' in the circle, and still am. I rarely took my studies seriously. One time it so happened that I had an exam on agriculture in school, but I went to the exam hall, prepared for sociology. I was devastated initially, as I saw my friends firing away, answering questions, while I stared at the question paper helplessly. But soon I was like 'What the hell!' took my pen and started answering. Well I passed- barely! I never liked grammar, and always bunked grammar classes. I never lost a minute when it came to running away from school (during classes like grammar) and chilling out at a near by cinema with friends, eating bread, bananas and having tea! When I got into trouble with teachers, I took one of my older friends to meet my teachers, who pretended to be my older brother and my guardian. Life was good.

I never planned on becoming an actor. I was culturally oriented when I was in school. When classes got cancelled, my friends and I always seized the opportunity to sing out loud in school premises. I was a huge fan of Ayub Bachchu, and imitated the way he sang. I even performed in school dramas. However, now that I am in the media, I can not stop thinking about anything, but acting and film-making.

I started out playing very small roles, which was perfectly fine with me. I did not know how to act, and I was comfortable with my low profile. My first role was of a 'chamcha', and I enjoyed playing it a lot. It took me a while to understand the joys of acting. I played my first central role in the drama “Emon deshti kothao khuje pabe na ko tumi.” It is through acting that I started to travel and mingle with different kinds of people.

I want to get more involved with filmmaking. I am already working on making advertisements. I want to capture the daily incidents of our lives in my movies. Nowadays, young people amaze me with their enthusiasm. They are so courageous, showing off their interests and talent. I salute their courage. Filmmaking is one of the most popular areas in which young people want to work. It is wonderful to see that they want to use this medium to share dreams, thoughts and ideas.

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