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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 19 | May 13, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

Umbrella up This Season

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Walking down the street going or coming back from class, the sun is bound to get on your nerves while you silently murmur swear words at the weather, with sweat trickling down your face. Yes, that is a feeling almost every student in Bangladesh has experienced. Even if one has a car, the moment he or she steps outside and walks for even five minutes, the clothes slowly start showing hints of perspiration and one has to squint there eyes to an extent that he or she cannot even see where they are walking.

Of course, caps, hats and sunglasses can help one from all of that. But what happens when, the weather suddenly wants to mess with your head and the clouds turn greyer than your mood and before you know it you are completely drenched in the rain?

That, my friends, is where umbrellas can be a handier accessory than most. Umbrellas have the ability to keep you from both the sun and rain and an accessory like that is absolutely essential for this weather. Besides its technicality, it is normal for one to wonder why this is a topic for a trends page. But, believe you me; umbrellas can be an amazing fashion accessory.


How? It is simple: visibility. Shoes, purses, jackets and hats are all popular fashion accessories because they are visible on you and as a result people pay attention to how they look. Socks and undergarments, on the other hand, are usually hidden from view and therefore are considered more of a necessity than a fashion accessory.

But to make it fashionable enough to feed the trend-fanatic inside you, you will have to step outside the box. Colours should be your primary thoughts. Buy different coloured umbrellas with different patterns and colour combinations to really perk up a dull day. There is a wide range of umbrellas one can get in New Market and Shahabag costing around Tk 150 to 200. Anurag Shopping Mall, next to Family World, in Mohammadpur, also offers good umbrellas with the same price range.

If you do not find an umbrella with a pattern or colour combination of your choice then fear not! There is also a solution for that. And this is when you can really unleash your creativity and imagination.

For umbrellas made of cloth, one can use fabric paint to make their own designs and patterns. One can also colour alternate sections of the umbrella to bring a very retro and funky look so that he or she can stroll the streets in the worst of weathers minus the irritation and with a whole lot of style. For the umbrellas made of plastic, oil and acrylic paints will work just as well. Remember, the kind of paints mentioned are there for a reason they will not wash out in the rain! So go crazy with your imagination and let it all out on your favourite coloured umbrellas. Apart from just patterns and colours, if one has a good hand in drawing, he or she can paint faces of their favourite cartoon characters, sports person, logo of their favourite sports team or band and so much more. Imagine a blue umbrella with the Chelsea logo, not only on the shade itself but also on the handle? Now, wouldn't that be a treat for a true blue fan?

Of course, this article will be ending on the note where you are told that there is no reason for you to torture yourself with the sun and rain when you can go out in this weather and not be bothered…in style. As much as it is stating the obvious, it is true! Go out there and umbrella up!

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