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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 19 | May 13, 2012 |


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Star Chat

The Rebel

Designer Anika Mariam
Talks to
Salman Rob

Courtesy: Anika Mariam

I was a student at Sunnydale for my O-levels after which I completed my A levels from Mastermind, and now I am doing my undergraduate degree at Charukola in Fine Arts at the Drawing and Painting department.

The best thing in school life was definitely my friends who made it what it was. Sunnydale, where I spent most of my years, was a super strict school so basically it was up to us to make it a fun place. The best moments were when we broke the seemingly unbreakable laws. I think restrictions are good in ways because they have the potential to make you creative and constructively rebellious, while on the other hand they can damage your spirit, which is quite risky especially if you are very young.

My school stressed a lot on academics and not so much on skills and activities that are as important in the real world and for creative and intellectual growth. I guess most schools are like that. Charukola, of course, is very different. Here, I get to do what I really enjoy doing, which is painting, and there are no fixed rules for that. And even if there are, it's always cool to break them. That is what makes education more fun.

I have gotten a lot of suggestions and advice through out my student life. But one thing I am increasingly certain of every day is that everybody should do what they are really passionate about, even if it means you choose a subject or profession that is not very socially acceptable or "prestigious" as they say. Because, ultimately, it is you who has to be stuck with it for a large part of your life and so you might as well enjoy it.

During breaks and bunking classes, 'addas', grabbing whatever there is at the cafeteria, and a little sport here and there are the regular things we do when we have nothing better to do in university.

On my way to becoming what I have become today, I met so many friends, teachers, family members, and even strangers, who inspired me in their own ways. Other than that, a lot of fictional characters inspired me too. Or real people I read about in books. Yes! I'm a bookworm too!

Basically, I love painting in general, whether it is painting on canvas, wood, paper or even tissue paper! Paintings on clothes are no different and this is how Orange Theory, my online boutique, had started. I wanted to paint on my own clothes so that I get to wear exactly what I want. And then it was so convenient to just take snapshots of what you are doing and upload them on Facebook. A lot of my friends encouraged me to do this, and now it seems to be a booming business on the path to becoming something big.

My plan is to keep painting, and to be critically appreciated as a painter. And the other equally important plan is to be content with what I have and to not regret over something that could have been.

I guess it is important to just try and find out what you are really passionate about, whether it is studying medicine, drama, music, or even making paper planes! It is never too late to change your academic/professional course if you really want to change from the bottom of your heart.

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