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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 16 | April 22, 2012 |


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Baishakh Musings

On the Road!

Salman Rob

In the afternoon of April 14, 2012, or rather, Pahela Baishakh, 1419, on my way to meet friends, I witnessed a scene in Kawran Bazaar which will be embedded in my mind for a very long time. There were three of four big pick up vans, which had speakers at the back, and clearly they were probably paid to go all over the city drowning the streets with music. I glanced at the pick up vans -- all decked up like they were colourful tents. In the scorching heat, waiting in the traffic, I liked looking at the colours. I also did not mind the fact that I was slowly dozing off.

The vans carried school students who were promoting a brand of soda. As far as I could tell, they were probably told to just go out there and enjoy; and that was exactly what they were doing. Heat or no heat, when you have a cool soda in your hand and friends all around, it can never get boring. Seeing them have so much fun, I could actually feel myself on high spirits. They were also giving away free sodas to anybody and almost everybody who seemed thirsty. Aah! Angels they were! Directly from Heaven!

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Maybe that was the promotional plan of the brand, and they pulled it off exceptionally well. I also saw one of the volunteers jump down from the van and run towards a police officer. The officer was startled to see the boy running towards him. Later on he realised that the boy just wanted him to have a drink. Many of those volunteers might have had other plans that day, but they sure were not disappointed with what the work that they were doing. With popular songs playing in the background, all the vehicles on the street, waiting at the traffic signal, the scorching sun, the thousands of people who suddenly decided to step out of their homes that day -- it seemed to be that I was in the middle of a festival with people dancing and drinking sodas. Nothing could be more thrilling and fun than to celebrate Pahela Baishakh with complete strangers -- laughing, dancing and singing with them.

For the first time in my life, the traffic jam would not bother me. As a matter of fact I was hoping someone would block the road so that I could end up joining the volunteers!


Aaron Spelling


Actor, Singer, Dancer and Television Producer Aaron Spelling was born in Dallas, on 22 April, 1923, to Pearl (née Wald) and David Spelling (originally Spurling), a tailor, who were Jewish immigrants from Russia and Poland, respectively. Spelling had a brother, Daniel Spelling (died 2009), who lived in San Francisco, and who appeared on daughter Tori Spelling's television show Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. At the age of 8, Spelling lost the use of his legs psychosomatically due to trauma caused by constant bullying from his schoolmates, and was confined to bed for a year. During this time, he read a vast number of books, which stimulated his imagination. Spelling attended Forest Avenue High School, served in the United States Armed Forces, and later attended Southern Methodist University, graduating in 1949, where he was a cheerleader. Spelling sold his first script to Jane Wyman Presents in 1954. That same year, he guest starred as a dog-catcher in the premiere episode of the CBS situation comedy, Willy, starring June Havoc as a young lawyer in New Hampshire, who later relocates to New York City to represent a vaudeville troupe. Spelling went on to write for Dick Powell, Playhouse 90, and Last Man, among others. Later, he also found work as an actor. Between 1956 and 1997 he played screen parts in twenty-two programs, including the first Brian Keith series, Crusader, a Cold War drama, as well as I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke. During the 1950s, Spelling joined Powell's Four Star Productions, through which he created Lloyd Bridges' anthology series, The Lloyd Bridges Show.

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