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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 11 | March 18, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Bad Teacher

I was always kind of a menace throughout my school life. It never took me too long to fit in to any group of people because I never took it as a challenge. When I was in 11th grade, I had to switch schools because we had shifted our house. I always looked a little older than my age and I took great advantage of that, acting like someone older and wiser and what not. On my first day at the new school (which by the way had no uniform for A'Level students), I walked into class and the students thought I was the teacher. Coincidentally, the teacher of that particular class was late. When I walked into class, all the students stood up. I looked around and was kind of confused at the beginning but then I realized what was going on. I walked to the teachers table, sat down and asked everyone to take a seat. I asked all the students their names and made them do embarrassing things in front of the class when all of a sudden the teacher walked in. He was in so much shock as were the rest of us that everyone just cracked up and I just introduced myself and took my seat.

Maryam Shahzad
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka

Sticky Behinds

Throughout my school and university life I was kind of a hated person for people who were not my friends. I was always very judgemental (though, I have changed now!) and used to gossip about anyone and everyone and would always play pranks on everyone. When our new semester at university began, I decided on bullying some of the freshmen to show them whose boss. I found out which class would be full of freshmen on their first day and went into that class with a bunch of my friends. What we did was pour coke on all of the seats around half an hour before the class and switched the fan on and left. By the time they came to class, the seats were not too wet but they were wet and sticky. After their class was over, I ran towards their class to see what had happened. All of them came out of the class with disgusted looks on their faces and were completely pissed off about the fact that all of their clothes and behinds were now wet and sticky. The teacher started yelling at random people about the incident and I just stood there in corner with my friends laughing our heads off!

Tamzid Anis
Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka

Bunking Failure

It was always fine for me doing classes from 7 am to 1 pm in my school throughout every grade till I reached my eighth. When I was in the eighth grade, I started getting bored in classes and, honestly, so did my other friends. We always used to bully the nerds in our classes into giving us the notes while we were out playing basketball in our school grounds not getting caught by the supervisors. This one day, as every other day we planned to 'bunk' all of our classes. If I can remember correctly it was a Thursday since we had a game against Scholastica at 12:30 pm. The day started out fine, we succeeded on bunking the first four classes and two more were left when all of a sudden this one supervisor noticed us hanging out all day in the field. He threatened us of being suspended and believe me, our vice principal would not hesitate on agreeing to it. We made a run for it and somehow climbed over the school gate. Just as we got out, we saw our vice principal entering the school and got caught on the streets. We got suspended for a week after all this trouble. I never bunked a class after that incident.

Shadman Fahim
Sunnydale School

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