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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 11 | March 18, 2012 |


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Feed Board

In love with books

I'm not much of a book reader nowadays. Due to excess study pressure and part-time jobs, I never really get the time to sit back and read a good fiction novel. But I do read the newspaper every morning and go through the magazines that come along with it. Reading this article in the magazine has made me realize how much I miss reading books. The writer mentioned about how people in their really busy life still find ways to spare minutes on doing so. I figured that I could do the same. I completely forgot that while going to my university, I could easily read fiction novels I always wanted to instead of listening to music on my iPod. This article was a good wake-up call for me and after reading it, I got a Dan Brown novel for my ride to work.

Simon Chowdhury
BRAC University, Dhaka

Colours of life and happiness

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Bangladesh has always been known as the land of festivals, joys, colours and happiness. The Holi Utshob is one the most ancient cultural, traditional and religious festivals in Bangladesh. Colours, joy, love, happiness and energy are the main elements in this festival. The photo feature named "A splash of colour" was very impressive and eye- catching. The portraits, moment, emotions, layers have successfully illustrated the sheer festivity of the whole event. But still, I think a two page feature is not sufficient to show the real event to those who have not been there yet. I admire that Star Campus took the initiative to publish such a nice photo feature.

Darshan Chakma
United International University, Dhaka.

Need to Know

Photo: Internet

Sex Education is actually really important in our country. I'm really glad that someone wrote about the importance of such a subject. Teenagers in our country are not so different from that in other parts of the world. Just as how people assume that sixteen to nineteen year olds in other countries are interested in exploring sexual activities, people of same age in our country are doing the exact thing. I completely agree with the writer on making sex education a must in every school here in Bangladesh, advising to have safe sex and at the same time making them aware of STDs. It is about time that schools and colleges should realise the significance of sex education and take a step towards making our country more literate.

Taskira Akhter
Green Life Medical College

A good laugh

I grew up listening to my father talk about his silly tales of the time he spent in Mirzapur Cadet College. Reading this article has made me realise about the little things the students pull off in cadet colleges, which us regular students cannot. The silly tale was all in all a really good laugh and after reading it, I made my father read it too. He was really glad to know that students in Mirzapur Cadet College still succeed in pulling off the little pranks which is worth sharing. I hope the writer keeps on writing about all the other prank because I, for one, know this for sure that this was not the last of it.

Fardin Akbar Hyderi
Maple Leaf Internation School, Dhaka.

On Colours and aesthetics!

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

It was nice to read someone advising to wear bright colours such as orange, red, yellow and all the other colours mentioned in the article compared to the regular dull black and white, which most students my age choose to wear including me. This article has more or less made me realise that bright coloured clothing is yet more appropriate in this weather than the black Slipknot and Metallica t-shirts I keep on wearing all the time. Not only do they make me look better, but the light colours keep the heat away as much as possible. Although, I hope the writer would mention more about how the different bright colours would go with each other because combining bright colours is a bit of a hassle. I am looking forward to the next segment of this article.

Joy Ahsan
American International University of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

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