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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 11 | March 18, 2012 |


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Apart from Studies

The World of Imagination

Fardin Akbar Hyderi
Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

It all started around the 80's when Pac Man was invented. The game was so good that people were aware of its arrival within a week or two. People were found at the nearest game store, checking it out after school. Times have changed. Even though we still try to blow off steam cherishing the classic fun of playing Pac Man in 2012, gaming has gotten advanced to a point where we can use Xbox Kinect, for which we use our hands for Boxing Games instead of controllers. It has taken a huge leap from those big vintage gaming machines to the smallest consoles and portable Playstations. Along with the machines, the games we play in them get modified each year, only better and better! One could only imagine the huge difference in graphics and other techniques from those early Street Fighters arcade games to the present DC vs. Mortal Kombat arcades in PS3, the differences between Doom, which were played on PC with Modern Warfare, Halo or Battlefield played in Xbox and Playstations. Nowadays there are no social restrictions for playing games. People of all ages play games on a more or less daily basis to have a good time with a couple of friends playing multiplayer Halo, Fifa etc or to just chill after a hectic day of work.

Gaming can be a huge getaway for students mostly. One could only imagine the joy of playing games such as Gears Of War on a 360 while lying back on a beanbag after returning home from university or school. It can actually be something to look forward to for students after a really busy day. It is not just about Xbox or Playstation or other consoles- gaming has reached a point where one could play games in cell phones or iPods or any other handy devices. Games such as Snakes or Bounce Tales on a regular Nokia phone is enough for such refreshments.


With new gaming programmes being invented every year, some of them provide an opportunity for people to do other live activities in consoles other than just sitting back and relaxing. Consoles such as Wii provide opportunities to workout and exercise with its very own signal detector and a trainer, computerised to make one fit, just as good as any other trainer in a gym. Other than that, people can enjoy the life-like excitement of playing Cricket, Tennis, Squash, Basball and even Golf in Wii. One can expect an awed expression on the faces of the 80's children if they were ever to know what is going on in our century. Gaming innovation just does not stop there. Live gaming on consoles can change the whole perceptions of multiplayer game modes in any games. It allows people to go online in their consoles with a Wi-Fi and play online with someone or even group of people from all around the world. If one actually misses playing games with a sibling or a cousin who lives abroad, they do not really have to anymore since with Console Live, they can easily play a ManUtd vs Chelsea game in Fifa while both of them are in the opposite parts of the world.

During a vacation or after the end of an examination, students can often come with an idea of hosting game tournaments to make few extra pocket money or for some charity causes or only to boost enthusiasm. Farhan Zaman, an ex-student of Scholastica said " I have loved gaming since I can remember. Playing games such as Hitman, Age of Empire and Sims on my PC where the highlights of my teen year. It used to clear up my mind right up and I could study more after a short half an hour to an hour gaming break. Gaming also saved me from spending a lot of money during random hangouts because mostly my friends and I would hang out in my room playing Warfare on my Xbox or Halo instead of going to a cafe or a lounge most of the time.".

One should definitely take gaming in a positive manner and try using it as an exit to get refreshed for the next task. If one actually has his or her priorities straightened regarding studies and work, then gaming can actually be something for that person to enjoy rather than being an excuse for not studying or working in the first place.


Shakib Al Hasan


Bangladesh National Cricket player, Shakib Al Hasan was born on 24 March, 1987. He is a left-handed middle order batsman and slow left-arm orthodox bowler. Shakib began playing football at a young age and was taught by his father who previously played for Khulna Division. Despite football running in the family, Shakib was "fairly proficient [at cricket] and was often hired to play for different villages". In one of these matches, Shakib impressed an umpire who arranged for him to practice with the Islampur Para Club, a team in the Magura Cricket League. During the practice session, Shakib batted aggressively and bowled fast, as he usually did, but also chose to experiment with spin bowling which turned out to prove effective. He was picked to play for Islampur and took a wicket with his first ball; it was his first delivery with a proper cricket ball, having previously generally played with a taped tennis ball. At the age of 15, Shakib was representing the Bangladesh under-19 team. In 2005, during the final of a tri-nation tournament involving England and Sri Lanka's under-19 teams, Shakib scored an 86-ball century and took three wickets to help his team to victory. In 2005 and 2006, he played 18 Youth One Day Internationals and he scored 563 runs at an average of 35.18, and took 22 wickets at an average of 20.18 which was the career breakthrough that included him in Bangladesh's senior squad to tour Zimbabwe in 2006. From January 2009 to April 2011, Shakib was ranked first amongst ODI all-rounders by the International Cricket Council. In December 2011, he became the world's top-ranked all-rounder at both Test and ODI levels. A very happy belated birthday to Shakib Al Hasan as he turned 25 yesterday!

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