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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 10 | March 11, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Deaf Doctor

In our school alumni program we were supposed to do a short drama by ourselves. It was our very first performance so we were all very excited. We were so busy with the main parts that we had totally forgotten about a minor part of a “doctor”. The person who would do the part was fixed but we forgot to prepare the dialogues. We all thought that it was easy and she can do it by going through the schedule. At the day of the show, we found that the part of doctor was still not practiced. But it was too late by then and she had to perform without any preparation. She completely improvised her role and tried being a typical doctor. The patient in the play had fallen down and was injured on the road but the doctor asked her to take a deep breath instead of asking her about her aching foot. We did a million gestures and whispered things from beside the stage to get her to ask but she did not understand anything. Meanwhile the impatient audience kept yelling things like “Doctor, the problem is not in her heart, it is on her leg!” Our whole drama was turned into a comedy show instead of a moral one!

Dhaka University, Dhaka

'Give me my bag!'

It was during our mid terms that this incident took place. On that following day, we had two of the hardest exams together. I went to school being very nervous. At the gate of our school, one of the teachers asked, “Where's your schoolbag?” I looked around to see that I forgot to bring my bag! I ran out to get my driver but by the time I got to the road he had left. I ran to the office to make a call, but unluckily, there was no one there. I rushed to my friends to get a pen. After a lot of hard work, I managed three pens but I still didn't have a clipboard, colour pencils and all the other stationary I would need for the exams. I went back to the office to make the call. When I was done making that call, only twenty minutes was left for the exam to start. I walked up to our class room and started calling on God out of right. I closed my eyes to save myself some more terror of the papers being handed out. The bell rang and the teachers started to give out the papers and right then, a janitor walked in with my bag in his hand!

Nusrat Jahin Angela
Scholastica School, Dhaka

Spray Confusion

My friends and I have always enjoyed writing on the walls of our school and doing some amateur graffiti with spray paint. To make that happen, we take our spray paint cans with us to school almost everyday. One day our teachers decided to search our bags. Our class captains were ordered to do the job. I got scared because that day one of my friends and I brought our spray paint cans to school. I was sure we would get caught and get into a lot of trouble. So I took my spray paint can out of my school bag without anyone noticing and kept it under a desk where no one could see it. After hiding mine, I remembered that my friend also brought hers and did not hide it! By the time I realized this, it was too late and we could not do anything to hide her can! When our captain was searching my friend's bag, we were waiting for our doom to come. But surprisingly, that did not happen! When our captain saw the spray paint can, she mistook it to be a water bottle! Our captain's disability to distinguish a water bottle from a spray paint saved us. We, obviously, did not learn our lesson and brought our cans back to school the next day!

Maeesha Ryaan
Ideal School, Dhaka

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