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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 10 | March 11, 2012 |


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News Snap

East West University Holds Its 11th Convocation

East West University (EWU) organised its 11th convocation on its own campus located at Aftab Nagar in Rampura on March 6. Minister for Agriculture, Begum Matia Chowdhury presided over the programme while the noted TV personality and President of Bishwa Satiya Kendra (World Literature Center) Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed delivered the convocation speech. The programme conferred of 643 undergraduate and 475 graduate degrees.

A BBA student of East West university is receiving gold medal from Begum Matia Chowdhury, Honorable Minister for Agriculture, yesterday in the event of 11 convocation of the university.

In her speech, Begum Matia Chowdhury lauded East West University's achievement in launching its own campus in a relatively shorter period of time. She said that the university achieved such a feat without imposing additional fees on its students which in the context of our country is a rare example. As the government cannot alone resolve the situation, she noted, it is very important that the private sector extends their support in this respect. Private universities, thus, should flourish to complement public universities and not as their rivals.

The Vice Chancellor of EWU Professor Ahmed Shafi noted that the new graduates entered the university undergoing very competitive admission tests and that now they have come at the threshold of getting their awards after years of labor and perseverance. He believed that the graduates had not only acquired good education but also had made themselves good human beings hoping that they would be able to attain leadership positions in whatever sectors they choose to enter.

Farashuddin, Former, VC and President, Board of Trustees, EWU concluded his speech by noting the continuous effort that East West University has made to upgrade its standard of education. He said, the motto of EWU “Excellence in Education” has turned meaningful. However, he added, we cannot rest on our laurels, as we live in a very competitive world where new findings and discoveries are made literally every minute.

In his speech, convocation speaker Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed urged the students to be self-dependent in dealing with the problems in daily life. He said that the world is under a great problem that is everything has been based on “money”. We need to be educated, we need to industrious, and also we need to be an honest human being full of love and affection for the disadvantaged groups in our country.

In the convocation, Dr Humayun Kabir Chowdhury, Chairperson of Business Administration, worked as Convocation-Marshal while Afrida Tasnin Sagoty, a student of the same Department delivered the Valedictorian's Speech.

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