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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 10 | March 11, 2012 |


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Through the Lens

The Kite Festival, organised by Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, popularly known as the Charukala, was held for a period of 7 days, from February 26 to March 2, 2012, at the Inani Beach, Cox's Bazaar. This kite festival or “Ghuri Utshob” is a tradition that the Charukala family has been performing for the last eight years. The “Ghuri Utshob” starts with a small workshop, where the Charukala students and faculties, make huge kites of various shapes and colours. Once flown in the sky, one can be amazed to see bright butterflies, birds, mermaids and random shapes flying high in the blue sky. Even the procession of the kite flyers from the resort to the beach is full of music, drum beats and dancing in rhythms. On the ground, people celebrate this bright and beautiful festival with songs, dance and addas, whereas the kites hover in the sky to these rhythms.

Photos: Sharmin Rahmatullah

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