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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 10 | March 11, 2012 |


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A Simple Plan

Sumaiya Ahsan Bushra
Photos: Md Ata Islam Khan Mojlish

Information is out there! It is everywhere and in this globalised world, every individual has the added benefit to gain access to knowledge and education. For education, young Bangladeshi students can now explore countries abroad, through better and more effective medium like Higher Education Advisors. This counselling service, provides interface with well reputed universities in United Kingdom, and facilitates the process of availing an education abroad.

Higher Education Advisors are a representing committee of the University of Northampton to support students in Bangladesh interested in applying for a Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate course in the UK. The counselling will include step by step application guidance, IELTS preparation and Visa advice

Students interacting at the fair.

Rhia Bevan, who is Country Manager Bangladesh of University of Northampton, provides helpful information regarding the process of application. She states, “To apply to the University of Northampton, students can complete an application form with the support of Higher Education Advisors who will process the forms and liaise directly with the University's admissions team. A decision will be made and correspondence is then sent to the student and representative regarding the offer. Students will automatically be considered for the 25 percent merit scholarship on submitting their application.”

In addition, The University of Northampton visits Bangladesh a number of times per year and works directly with students, schools, colleges and the British Council to raise awareness of education in the UK and the opportunities available to students. Also, the University has a dedicated representative in Bangladesh to assist the University with its operation in Bangladesh.

Tackling the issue of funding and arranging a scholarship can be a problem for many students. To deal with this, the University of Northampton offers an excellent 25% merit based scholarship scheme to Bangladeshi students with a very good academic background. The fee structure for 2012 is £9,100 for undergraduate programmes and £9,500-£10,000 for postgraduate programmes.

The cost of living in Northampton is very affordable and ranked one of the cheapest places to live for students in the UK with campus accommodation from £50 per week.

Takling about admission, courses, scholarships and more.

Apart from these benefits, the University of Northampton at current, is exploring potential collaborative partnership opportunities as part of their long-term strategy, with particular focus and global research within the fields of Environmental/Wastes Management, Leather Technology, Computer Science and Management programmes.

Higher Education Advisors have helped several young individuals. Md Masbahul Islam a student from Bangladesh is an MBA graduate from the University of Northampton, Islam states, “I have successfully finished my MBA programme. I chose this particular University because of its proven track record in delivering extremely high standards of education. The methodology of teaching as compared to South Asia is totally different in the UK. There are greater opportunities for students to interact with their tutors and the subjects offered are covered widely with more depth and more emphasis placed on practical teaching.” In addition, he asserts, “In an increasingly competitive job market special skills and qualities are of the utmost importance when embarking down the avenue of 'job seeking'. I believe that my chosen degree will be the building block to securing my future and my time spent at the University will have been extremely worthwhile and valid. It is the best possible start for a credited and solid foundation to assist me in expanding upon my career as a well qualified business administrator.”

As future endeavours, Higher Education Advisors Ltd under the direction of its British Managing Director, Hameed Ahmed and his team of British Directors, Gabriella Ahmed, Heba Ahmed and Janet Thomson intend to give an unparalleled service to the students of Bangladesh. The company offers it services to the students free of cost and in fact has in place its own scholarship programme which will hopefully be executed for the 2013 session. It plans to assist the University of Northampton in forging links with student bodies throughout Bangladesh and take their service to not only the two major cities, Dhaka and Chittagong but to all the centres of learning in the other regions of Bangladesh which are often neglected. For detailed information, recommended to visit, www.highereducationadvisors.co.uk.

For a nation which is developing towards a positive horizon every day, such counselling services not only pave a path towards a better future but also act as a catalyst towards progression. Education services, like these act as a role model for others to take such noble incentives to help students of a third world country like Bangladesh reach out for a top class education.


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