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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 10 | March 11, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

CP-When Food Cannot Get Any Faster

Naziba Basher

Photos: Md Ata Islam Khan Mojlish

In the perfect world, we sleep late after watching the re-runs of our favourite television shows that we had missed because we were too busy just hanging out with friends. We wake up right before lunch, take a warm bath, eat our favourite delicacies cooked by our mothers- our favourite cook and just relax with a large mug of tea right before calling up some friends to go out and take in some fresh air.

Now that we have had a nice trip to utopia, it is time to put our feet back on the ground and think a little more, lets say, realistically.

What really happens everyday is that we wake up, half an hour later than we are supposed to, rush to the shower, put on whatever clothes that are lying around, scream “I AM LEAVING” and run out the door while hearing our mothers yell, “BUT YOU DID NOT HAVE YOUR BREAKFAST!!”…just to make it to class on time. And then of course, we spend hours in class falling half asleep and thinking about all the delicious things we could have eaten during breakfast. Then once the class is over, we are disgusted by the fact that we have to roam around the streets looking for something to eat. The catch is that something cannot just be anything. It has to be fulfilling, delicious AND cheap as well.

Knowing how hard that is to find for us students, CP Fried Chicken went ahead and did us all an amazing favour by opening around 50 branches all over Bangladesh! Not just Bangladesh, CP Friend Chicken is a common name heard in 20 countries. What started off as Five Star Chicken, CP has been a favourite since its inception as a part of the CP Group, Thailand.

In Dhaka, CP is available around Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, Mirpir, Moghbazar, Malibag, Motijheel, Old Dhaka and in almost all outlets of Agora Supermarket and Meena Bazaar supermarkets in Mirpur and Dhanmondi. CP's ultimate aim is to be 'the kitchen of Bangladesh.' With the kind of start they had gotten, they are not too far off from reaching that goal.

CP Fried Chicken is famous for their absolutely lip-smacking chicken items. The items include Fried breast piece with sauce costing Tk 95, Fried thigh with sauce costing Tk 80, Fried leg with sauce costing Tk 70, Fried wing with sauce costing Tk 50, Spicy Chicken costing Tk 45 per piece, Hot wings costing Tk 80 per plate which includes four pieces, Masala chicken costing Tk 50 per piece, Masala chicken-leg costing Tk 70, Chicken balls costing Tk 20 per stick, Chicken sausage costing Tk 20 per stick and Frank cocktail costing Tk 30 per stick.

What is perfect about CP Fried Chicken is that it opens in the afternoon when students are slouching out of school from hunger. CP mostly has stalls in their outlets around Dhaka where you can order, watch them make your food in a jiffy in their deep fryer and then take your munchies on the go. Some of their outlets have little cosy environment they create for their customers to go and just relax and eat their juicy chicken and just enjoy the ambience with that mouth-watering fragrance of fresh chicken being fried.

When it comes to fast food, CP Fried Chicken can be considered the epitome of the meaning of 'fast'. Whether on the go or with relaxation in mind, if there is good food added to the equation, it does not get any better than CP Fried Chicken. Just hold your horses and let the bell ring and then it is off to CP!

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