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Linking Young Minds Together
       Volume 6 | Issue 08 | February 26, 2012 |


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Steps Towards Change

UNYSAB National Youth Summit 2012

Muhammad Tanjimul Islam

National Youth Summit 2012 was an initiative by the United Nations Youth and Students Associations of Bangladesh (UNYSAB), where the enlightened youths of the country gathered to share their views and opinions on the critical issue of sustainable development from a national perspective.

Though the concept of a green economy has come into being only a few years ago, lately it has gained much attention globally as the world's policy makers are going to sit together in the upcoming Rio+20 Conference under the theme of 'Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication'. Typically, a green economy means an economic system that is compatible with the natural environment, is environmentally friendly, is ecological, and for many groups, is also socially just. Needless to say, UNYSAB's latest venture, the NYS 2012, was inspired by the theme of the Rio+20 Conference, since Bangladesh also requires a unified green initiative.

Students discussed about green initiatives and sustainable development.

Bangladesh is most vulnerable to natural disasters due to the frequency of extreme natural disasters and its high population density. Additionally, 31% of the population lives under the poverty line. Combating these challenges with the power of a green economy was the central issue of the youth's discussion at the NYS 2012. Under the broad theme, the young students and participants were divided into seven groups to discuss among themselves specific cases given for the seven administrative divisions of Bangladesh. Each regional group would first discuss and do research on the given sub-topic amongst themselves with the help of their mentors. The honourable mentors were Md Ziaul Huque Sheikh, Faculty, Jagannath University, Md Sharif-Ul Islam, BCS (Co-Operative), Adnan Hossain, BCS (Education), Ali Tasben Hoque Riyad, Senior Officer, IIDFC, Syeda Fatema Rupa, Associate Manager, The City Bank, Md Mashukur Rahman, Assistant Manager, The City Bank Ltd and Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana, Assistant Manager, QMS and HR-Cambrian Education Group. After rigorous research during the informal group sessions, each group representing a division of Bangladesh shared their day long research through multimedia presentations in front of the audience and judges.

Writer Anisul Huq spoke at the event.

The adjudicators at the programme, Kazi Ali Reza, Officer-In-charge, UNIC, Imtiaz Ahmed Siddiqui- Head of Marketing, Prime Bank and Nafiz Imtiaz, President, UNYSAB judged each group's performances. Five members of each divisional group presented their ideas and research on the given topics and following that the other members had to face critical question-answer sessions with the adjudicators. To acknowledge the youth's efforts at the Summit, three participants were presented with 'Best Performance' for their exemplary spirit and involvement to make the group resolutions fruitful. Another three participants were awarded the 'Best Presenter' awards for their solid presentations. The group named after the Rajshahi Division went on to win the 'Best Group' award at the programme for their outstanding resolution. Every given sub-topics was related to the other, and the UNYSAB research team integrated all the suggestions by the divisional groups into one final resolution at the end Summit.

The special guests were Professor Habibur Rahman, Dean, School of Business, UIU, Debasish Roy, Head of Corporate Responsibility, GrameenPhone and Anisul Haque, Deputy Editor, Prothom Alo.

The youths at UNYSAB believe in leadership through volunteerism. The National Youth Summit 2012 demonstrated their commitments to creating and enlightening the future leaders of Bangladesh by organising relevant platforms for the youth of the country and making the world a better place under the United Nation's motto of global humanity.

(The Writer is an Executive Member at the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh)

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