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Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 6 | Issue 08 | February 26, 2012 |


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Amar Ekushey Grantha Mela 2012


“Amar Rabindranath”, written by Prasanta Mridha can be an interesting read for young people who want to know about Rabindranath Tagore. The writer is a teacher and has shared his thoughts and perspectives on Tagore. The cover of the book is designed by Shibu Shill. The price of the book is Taka 200.


“Shopner Taroka Tarokar Shopno” by Shumon Patwary is a book on the personal experience of the writer himself as an actor. Young readers will surely enjoy reading about the journey of a young soul going through ups and downs of an acting career. The book is an inspirational and interesting piece that should be on everyone's shelves.


“Nirjonotar Khaddo” by Shahnaz Munni is a collection of short stories. The titles of the short stories such as “Hercules er bou”, “Matlami korar shomoy”, “Englishman”, “Hasha kothin” etc are bound to interest young readers. The writer did her Masters in Sociology from University of Dhaka. She has written seventeen books so far.

  “Onotidirghika” is a big collection of poems by many different underground poets of this time. One can find poems of a total of 28 poets in this collection. It is a must buy for anyone who loves reading different kinds of poems by different poets. This collection is bound to entice readers with myriad thoughts and themes.

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