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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 04 | January 29, 2012 |


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Feed Board


With the course of time Star Campus has brought some changes in terms of content and arrangement. However,it seems that some institutions get a lot of coverage whatever the reason is but people still love to find news diversifications. I usually read news or features regarding events organised by institutions that enable us to have information on students' activities. More career related writings can benefit the up-coming graduates, more importantly, admission seekers look for important information in choosing right courses, subjects and institutions. Apart from having many appreciating things, Star Campus may think about these areas to be included.

Badruddoza Jewel
University of Chittagong,

On Trends!

Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Last weeks Trends on accessorising one's phone was really fun to read. I have been pretty popular among my friends for being the one to have the funkiest phone. My friends think I can get a little carried away when it comes to decorating my phone. I was so glad that Star Campus wrote an article on this. I showed the write up to my friends to prove that I am not crazy after all, because it is obviously a cool trend to follow. I just wished that the write up had something on the price ranges as well, because the writer pointed out the places where we can accessorise phones, but not about the prices. I think that would have greatly benefited young people who love decorating their phones.

Nimmat Sultana
Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka.

Unqualified teachers

Only good teachers can provide a fruitful education. But, it is a matter of great regret that nowadays many people enter the education sector to just earn a living, and do nothing more. High school teachers resigning for a post of office assistant in a government office or a college lecturer diving to a bank job are not unheard of. Some teachers are not trained even after they are employed. Recently, the morality of teachers has shocked us. The shameful act one teacher commits taints the entire body of teachers. The scarcity of good teachers is quite evident. It is necessary for young and well educated people major in education to become good teachers.

Asraful Islam Russel
Habigonj, Sylhet.


Truth be told, The Star Campus is one of a kind publication in Bangladesh and one with a very eclectic, diverse, and useful content. Let me use your pages to pay tribute to my English literature teacher Nusrat Huq (then at Maple Leaf, now at Sunbeams) whose strict dedication to teaching the classics of English Literarture helped me become an aficionado of reading and writing, for both work and pleasure. I didn't appreciate my teacher's demanding standards then, but in my thirties I realise that she was (and is) one of the finest high school teachers, one who instills the love of language in young minds. When my coworkers or students ask who made me such a fan of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Charles Dickens, I smile wryly and respond “my teacher in Dhaka."

Esam Sohail
Kansas, USA.


Education- where is it leading us?

I am writing to look at the recently introduced JSC exams and the system which provides scholarships to students who excel in these exams, branded as the hidden talents and so forth. A nagging question that remains in my mind: how are students up to the mark on an international standard, given the quality of our education assessment system, where memorising gets the prominence and the chance to explore, nurture and flourish new ideas, learning topics in an interactive way are aspects our policymakers are yet to think about? It's a common trend to gulp up notes or giving away one's laboratory notebook to a professional artist who will draw all the diagrams, eliminating creative thinking, producing graduates who barely studied and who passed with top marks only with the “Magical” power of cramming. I hope the concerned authorities, instead of taking pride over 93% pass rate, undertake a massive overhaul of the education system, otherwise we are going to lag behind further in achieving the dream of a developed nation.

Officer's Quarter
RPATC, Rajshahi

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