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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 04 | January 29, 2012 |


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Campus Edibles

Students love Star!

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

As much as we love this phase of our lives, we cannot help but admit that university life is probably the most hectic time of our lives. Between all the madness of classes and assignments, there are a couple of things that we have to make sure always go right. One of them is food! Food becomes even more important when life becomes fast and blurry. Not to sound like a foodie, but it is probably one of the few things that keep one grounded throughout the journey of university. Coming home to a delicious, mouth-watering, warm meal is something that most students crave for throughout the day.

But of course, considering all the traffic jams and unusual timings for a lot of classes, we cannot end up going home in one piece to actually stay awake for that meal. That is when we have to turn to the next best thing-- Star Kabab and Restaurant.

Any and every student across Dhaka City has the name of Star Restaurant imprinted in their minds as one of the favourite when it comes to eating out and being well fed.

Situated in Dhanmondi, Banani and Puran Dhaka, Star Kabab and Restaurant has been serving quality Bangladeshi cuisine for years and has always been a favourite for young and old alike.

Star is very well known to morning joggers for their scrumptious breakfast. Opening for customers at around 6 in the morning, they have a wide variety of 'deshi' breakfast to charge up anyone early in the morning. The usual favourites for most Star lovers have to be the special Parata, Mixed vegetable, Chicken Soup and Daal-- all of this costing not more than just around 150 Takas each. And of course, no one can resist their one-of-a-kind tea after the fulfilling breakfast. Their tea is just as different as it is delicious and some people even drop by there to just have a cup of tea or even two, at 12 Takas. Students from schools, colleges and universities from almost everywhere drop by, whenever they have enough time to grab a quick lunch or have a get-together after class. The lunch and dinner menu will put anyone in a dilemma to pick from the vast variety of mouth-watering food. Starting from regular rice and curries, there is also Kachchi Biryani, Bhuna Khichuri, and Chicken Biryani which one will get in either a half plate (costing 100 Takas) or full plate (costing 200 Takas) considering their appetite. There are also good options for people who would like to keep it a little light and go with Parata, Naan or Rumali Ruti costing at 5-10 Taka. From curries the most famous amongst students would have to be the leg lamb roast costing just about a 150 Taka (also good enough for two people), the Chicken Mosallam, Chicken Jhal Fry and Mutton Rezala all costing around 150-200 Takas.

“It is troublesome for anyone to wake up early in the morning to go to university but I wake up much earlier than I have to just to go grab some quick breakfast at Star Restaurant. For some reason, I cannot spend the day in the right mind unless I have their tea at least once a day,” says Towsif Rahman, a student from University of Liberal Arta, Bangladesh (ULAB). He adds, “Their prices are unbelievably cheap. To have something so fulfilling for breakfast or lunch and have them go so easy on our pockets is something that makes all students love Star so much.”

Apart from the savoury, Star does not lack the least bit when it comes to desserts. Besides the usual firni, their faluda is an all time favourite for the sweet toothed.

Sharmin Kabir, a student from East West University, says, “Their Faluda, in my opinion, is probably the best in the city. After having their spicy dishes, a spoon of their cooling Faluda really makes my day!”

With knowledge of one of the best restaurants in town that will, undoubtedly, go easy on your wallets, there is no reason to wonder about the 'place to eat' after the hectic classes and traumas of assignments. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner…Star Kabab and Restaurant is the place to go to!


Zainul Abedin


Painter, Zainul Abedin was born in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh on December 29, 1914. Much of his childhood was spent near the scenic banks of the Brahmaputra River. Brahmaputra would later appear in many of his paintings and be a source of inspiration all throughout his career. Many of his works framed Brahmaputra and a series of watercolors that Zainul did as his tribute to the Brahmaputra River. This earned him the Governor's Gold Medal in an the all-India exhibition in 1938.This was the first time when he came under spotlight and this award gave Abedin the confidence to create his own visual style. In 1933, Abedin was admitted to Calcutta Government Art School in Calcutta. Here for five years he learned British/ European academic style and later joined as faculty of the same school after his graduation. He was dissatisfied with the orientalist style and the limitations of European academic style and this led him towards realism. He was the pioneer of the modern art movement that took place in Bangladesh. In 1948 he, and with the help of a few of his colleagues, founded an art institute in Dhaka. That time there were no art institute present in Dhaka and he was the founding principal of that institute. After completing his two years of training from an art school in London, he began a new style, "Bengali style", where folk forms with their geometric shapes, sometimes semi-abstract representation, the use of primary colours were the main features.

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