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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 04 | January 29, 2012 |


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Star Chat

Actor on a Spree

Actor Niloy Alamgir
Talks to
Fauzia Sultana

Courtesy: Kaushik Iqbal

Super Hero Super Heroine and Banglalink are two of the brands that played significant roles in my career as an actor. I spent my childhood in Savar, and completed my SSC and HSC from PATC School and Savar College. After that I completed my graduation from Bangla College under the National University. Unlike my friends and my class mates, I was the quieter one. However, I was not that studious and joined my friends in bunking classes and every other mischief.

Of course we all have memories from different phases of our life; as for me, the one experience that is memorable and that I consider to be the turning point in my life is winning the 'Super Hero Super Heroine' title.

My entry in the acting career was rather fluky and out of curiosity. My sister encouraged me to participate in the Super Hero Super Heroine competition after she had watched the advertisement calling for participation. So just out of interest and curiosity, I registered for the competition and went for the audition. I had Chashi Nazrul Islam, the renowned film director and producer, as my judge. Since I went unprepared, I was very nervous initially. However, he eased me and helped me during the performances. It wasn't until the third round that I started taking the competition seriously. We were groomed by the famous and experienced directors, dance directors, script writers of the country. It was then that I realised that these experienced people were investing their time and effort in us to nurture our talent and bring out the best in us. So I started to practice and rehearse regularly and seriously. Although I used to feel shy, I would practice in front of the mirror, even in front of friends and family, who have always been supportive during the competition.

Since acting is about spontaneity and delivering your talent in front of a mass audience, one has to be confident enough to face the people. So I taught myself to get out of the cocoon and face the world confidently. I watched movies of every genre to learn acting skills and get in to character, be it that of a hero, villain or a comedian.

Currently, I am doing my Masters in Political Science from National University. But since I joined the film fraternity and am doing well, I see myself as a successful actor in the near future.

As for the young generation who aspire to be actors and are willing to participate in competitions like Super Hero Super Heroine, know your trade and come prepared. Don't be shy and have the confidence that you too have the talent to be what you want to be.

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