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Linking Young Minds Together
         Volume 6 | Issue 03 | January 22, 2012 |


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Campus Trends

Shimmer and Sparks Accessorise Your Phone

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

When the word 'fashion' comes to mind, the first thoughts in ones mind will be of clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc. What most of us forget is that even the tiniest things matter a whole lot. Starting from colourful spectacle frames and funky shoelaces all the way to shiny cufflinks and, believe it or not, cell phone accessories.

Since cell phone, in modern times, play a significant role in almost everyone's' lives (especially students), how one uses it, how one maintains it and how one accessorises it also matters. It may sound insignificant but once the transformation is done, a certain charm is added to the already beloved cell phone.

Just a couple of years ago, the little charms hanging from the phones had become widely famous. Everyone had a little something hanging from their phones whether they were little shiny toys or other stones and what not, they would definitely grab the attention one would expect to.

Now, things have been a lot more modified. The era of little cell phone charms still exists but it has a lot of new friends when it comes to fancying up a phone. There are even different coloured and textured laces one can hang from his or her phone to give it a simple yet trendy look.

Cell phone bags have been very 'in' for quite a long time. Long gone are the days of the plain old leather, boring, very 'office-like' cell phone bags. They are now new and improved with eye-catching prints to suit your taste. There are bags one will find of various colours, with different textures, different prints and other little accessories glued to them like rhinestones and others. Cell phone bags are not just to keep your cell phone safe anymore (even though that is the primary cause of their inventions), they now play a vital role in ones fashion statement.

Apart from just bags, there are other accessories for one to choose from when it comes to beautifying his or her phone. There are cell phone back covers that add the perfect amount of charm to your phone. Covers with different pictures that suit ones style are available in almost all cell phone stores in malls like Rifles Square, Bashundhara City, Metro Shopping Mall, Rapa Plaza and more. Apart from these malls, you can get a excellent variety in New Market and even other street markets here and there like in Farmgate and other areas. The new G-Mask branches in Rifles Square and Bashundhara City offer a wide variety of stickers to funk up your phone set. They have an amazing collection of specially applied stickers that can include photos of your favourite sports person/ sports team, favourite famous personality or even just beautiful designs for the more 'artsy' kind of people.

Very few can imagine their phone without a good pair of headphones and fashion did not back off in that area either. There are different coloured and designed headphones available for whoever wants to add that last bit of charisma to their phones appearance!

Once you have your sweaters, jackets, trousers, bags and sunglasses from the latest fashion stores, it is time to go to one of the stores mentioned above and start decorating one of the most valuable possessions of every youngster out there - the cell phone!

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