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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 03 | January 22, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Backfired Prank

Back in grade 4, I used to hang out with a very competitive bunch of friends. We all had an innate tendency to try and be the alpha male of the group in every particular aspect. Some of us would shine in studies, some in sports, and some in pranks. Now I had a hard time competing with my peers in sports and studies so I thought I should give pranks a shot. At that time the most popular prank was pulling down the pants of an unsuspecting boy, who would go red with embarrassment as everyone would point at him and laugh. Before assembly I waited by the football field where the juniors usually gathered. I spotted my target-- a chubby little kid separated from the rest of the group. I silently approached him and yanked his pants down. Every one laughed and the poor kid was deeply embarrassed. Unfortunately for me, he was the son of a teacher and I had to give him my lunch money everyday day for a month, to stop him from telling on me to his mother. Needless to say I was not the alpha male of my group, but a source of laughter for many years to come.

Adit Hasan Khan
North South University, Dhaka

The Gum Catastrophe

Back in grade 6, we had a Bangla miss who always used to eat our head with her bizaare accent and funny activities. She always used to enter our classroom chewing gum and said "Goods girls and goods boys sit down, please." We called her humpty dumpty and passed our time mocking her before she came to our class. A year passed like this and we got the same teacher for our Bangla class in the next year again. So, we made a master plan to get rid of her. Firstly, my friends and I made the stands of the chair loose with an axe in which she used to sit. We knew she loved chewing gums, so we fixed a bubblegum to that chair. Moreover, I bought a packet of gum which was actually a prank toy. Its mechanism was that a plastic cockroach comes out from the packet as the person pulls out a stick of gum and then gets a shock. All was set. As she entered I offered her that packet of gum, smiling at me she pulled out a gum. As soon as she sat on that chair the cockroach got stuck to her finger and she was stuck with the chair. She shouted in terror thinking it as a real cockroach and fell down. No sooner had she started screaming "ONIMOLS!", we just burst into laughter!

Rajuk college

The Height Problem!

The incident took place when I was in Grade 1. Two of my friends and I were the closest of friends. One of my best friends and I had the perfect height but the other one was too short. At that time, our school rule was that students from all the other classes (except Play Group, Nursery, KG-I and KG-II) could roam around in the school area during the break. One day during the lunch break, three of us were going to the cafeteria to buy cold drinks. Suddenly in the middle of our way, one of our senior teachers appeared and began to scold us by thinking two of us roaming around with a student of KG-I (and that was my short friend!). We tried to convince the teacher that she was actually in our class but she did not believe it! Unfortunately, my short friend was not even wearing her ID card. At last one of us went to fetch our class teacher for proof. Our class teacher arrived and convinced this teacher. She was dumbfounded and took no time to realise her mistake! The three of us can never forget this incident and cherish this memory often, whenever we get together!

Rodela Ferdous
Play Pen School, Dhaka

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