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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 6 | Issue 03 | January 22, 2012 |


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Feed Board

The crazy dorm experience!

From my first day of in Dhaka University, I have been living in residential hall, for which I have had new experiences every day. I have developed different interests and passions by living in dorm. The funny and also ridiculous thing is that students are addicted to TV series. It's quite difficult to watch news or other programs. There are 6 students in my room, from 6 different districts. We have lots of fun in my room, especially when we get to hear different dialects. A person, who does not live in a hall, misses out on a great deal. I feel really sad because I have only eighteen more months left in this hall. I will miss living in dorm.

Rezoana Afrin
University of Dhaka, Dhaka

On photo feature

I thought last week's photo feature was really interesting. Students on campus enjoy different winter delicacies like bhutta and different pithas. The pictures were fun to look at. Can you maybe also do a photo feature on how our campuses can be really dirty at times? I think it's really important that students realize that campuses are our second homes and we should keep them clean. Students litter so much, which is really not cool. The photo feature can raise awareness among students regarding how to be more sensitive about environment.

Nisha Amin
East West University,

An Encouraging Move!

Dear Editor,
Introduction of the “Feedboard” in the Star Campus is an encouraging move. The new page will obviously create opportunity for both the academics and students to express their feelings and thoughts.

Meanwhile I would like to suggest opening of an exclusive story writing page. Now-a-days only a few people, particularly students take interest in the art of writing short stories. Story-writing strengthens one's power of imagination plus ability to put expressions in words. This, I am sure will help in creating new story writers!

Further I would also suggest for a “Words of the Week” box in the Star Campus to help readers improve their vocabulary.

I take this opportunity to sincerely wish the Star Campus a very prosperous and successful new year 2011!

Yours truly,

Professor M Zahidul Haque
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Star campus as a friend!

When I was on my early days in college, I had a great intention to learn English, but found no effective way. One day during buying goods in a shop, I found an old copy of "Star Campus" with other papers, which are used for giving goods wrapping. I never got such English publication, as no English paper was taken to that remote hilly area of Rangamati. Taking that home, I found myself engrossed in it, because all the writings seemed very new to me, and reading the cover writing "DU Admission, Battle Begins", I, for the first time, got a clear idea of university. To me, that acted as the best inspiration for my getting chance in university. Apart from this, I found many things to learn and develop my English. I, still, read "Star Campus" regularly and regard as the best source of campus news for all its features especially for "News Room".

Tauhidul Reza
University of Chittagong, Chittagong

Campus against stalking or sexual harassment

Hardly, we can see that educational institutes go for the educational or social measures against sexual harassment, popularly known as eve teasing, despite few efforts of Bangladesh government and ministry of education while it got to be wider and efficient enough with a structured plan. Government alone can't do all against the problem like eve teasing when it takes place in our daily life, from street to public transport, home to educational institute. With the star campus my request to all schools, colleges and universities that please take the initiative that not only teach our students to live away from eve teasing but also make them alive to protect eve teasing every single time. It is our pride as a member of NUB family that it has had some promotional campaign against eve teasing that might give an instance to others.

Md Abdul Momen
Norhtern University Bangladesh

Dear Readers,
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