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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 6 | Issue 02 | January 15, 2012 |


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Young Talent

Carving a Niche

Shudeepto Ariquzzaman
Photos: Rashed Ahmed

Born in Chittagong in a culture oriented family, it was not long before Natasha discovered her passion for music. She was encouraged by her family members to pursue her passion. In Chittagong, Natasha achieved several awards and appreciation for her music. On completion of her HSC examinations, Natasha got admitted to a private university at Gazipur in 2009. During her stay in Dhaka, she joined Chayanat, the country's leading music institution.

One day, returning home by bus from Gazipur, Natasha fell into a conversation with Ethar, a young writer from the same university. Ethar had noticed her talents a month before when she performed at the university's Pahela Boishakh programme.

Natasha, the young talent.

As they discussed music, Ethar recited four lines of a poem that he had recently composed. To his surprise, Natasha immediately came up with a tune for the lyrics and sang out the song. These four lines, composed by Ehtar and tuned by Natasha amid the hustle and bustle of the crowded bus would lay the foundation for the song 'Ferari', a song that had won the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of radio listeners. The song would eventually be refined and composed by another talented young artiste Sajid and would be voted as 'Airtel Radio Foorti young Artiste' for the month of June in 2011.

All these would have to wait. 'Airtel Radio Foorti Young Artiste' of the month had not started then. Natasha and Ehtar would, like many talented young musicians of this country, struggled in their early days. Though they faced a number of problems, but never lost hope. By October 2010, Natasha and Ethar had a good number of songs in their collection. It was during this time that they approached Sajid, and by February, the song was finalised.

By then the 'Airtel Radio Foorti Young Artiste' of the month had become a popular programme on radio. The programme provided a great platform for talented young artists. They heard about the advertisement calling on young artists to submit their songs to the radio. Curious, they went to the radio station to enquire about any potential opportunities. Within a few days, programme organisers called informing that 'Ferari' had been nominated for the final round. Natasha was eventually voted as the 'Airtel Radio Foorti Young Artiste' for the month of June and secured her name in the halls of fame.


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