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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 02 | January 15, 2012 |


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Feed Board

For the Love of Fashion

I thought this week's spotlight was very helpful for all the young students who have to face the early winter morning and shiver in class. The little tips and tricks, I thought, were very innovative! I usually like all the articles published on trends and fashion since I am a fashion freak myself! Most of the trips and information on different stores and different styles are very useful and they always help me with my fashion statements and purchases at different stores.Please keep the trends articles coming.

Sarah Rahman
Eastern University,

Violence on campus

Students protesting violence on campus in BUET. Star File

Student violence is getting out of control. The incidents that took place at KUET and JU where the Chhatra League students stabbed and beat up students are unacceptable. Why doesn't the government do anything? Why doesn't the administrator do anything? We go to universities to study and make friends, not to get traumatised. We want a safe, secured environment for our intellectual growth. Such violence is crippling the nation to grow, because if the education of the youths is hampered, how can they contribute to society? For this, many young people are leaving the country, because students abroad do not have to deal with such violence and corruption. Star Campus should write more on such issues.

Nayeem Zaman
North South University,

Commotion Commotion Everywhere!

Given the current scenario at the engineering universities in the country today, it is sad how student politics is invading the lives of students, for the wrong reasons. It is also sad and at the same time alarming how our universities do not appreciate things like student politics or students' union for that matter. The article, 'Students' Union: The right of students' by Soraya Auer especially caught my attention because it not only emphasised how important the students' union is but also how the lack of it causes misunderstandings and commotions, ultimately leading to a national crisis.

Nazia Sultana
Stamford University, Dhaka

Want Gizmos and Gadgets!

Source: Internet

I am a regular reader of the Daily Star and try not to miss any of the weekly magazines and publications that come out with the paper. In fact, I believe that young people across the country can learn a lot from Star Campus. I have been reading the Campus for the past few years and I believe that the magazine has improved a lot. First of all, I enjoy reading about the pranks pulled by students on 'Silly Tales' and also find the 'Star Chat' page quite amusing. However, I think you should start a regular 'Tech' page where new gizmos and gadgets will be reviewed along with their pictures. Not only would the students enjoy reading about the latest technology but also will also be well informed before actually purchasing the gizmos.

Tariq Salahuddin
East West University,

Following the stars.

I find the star chats of Star Campus very interesting. Since I do not get to meet celebrities every other day, I tend to satisfy myself by following the star chat page and getting to know all about their childhood and interesting stories. The writing format is nice too, how the whole story is done in first person, gives a more realistic feel to the story. I also love how the star chat page is set up, with the whole highlighted part and the new addition of the "quotes of the week" gives the whole magazine a nice ending!

Rubayat Mostoba
Shaheen English Medium School

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