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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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Naziba Basher Fardin
Akbar Hyderi
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

Models: Saadat l Nayena l Cosmic l Sanjana

Waking up to the cold, crisp morning breeze, warm under the safety of your fuzzy blanket, finishing the whole 'freshening up' as fast as possible just to be back under that blanket with a cup of warm tea in your hands, is something that only lasts for the few days of winter vacation. But then reality kicks in. The new semester starts and guess what- the morning is still crisp and chilly but you are rushing around your room, gathering your books and notebooks, putting on your clothes and storming out the door to make it to your class on time. What any student needs during winter are clothes warm enough to make the weather one's friend.

Even though the goosebumps on our arms every other second happened to have disappeared due to the warmth of sun for the past couple of days, we know that the REAL winter is still on its way as maagh maash approaches. To prepare for that, one will need every kind of protection to keep away from sudden numb fingers and toes. Winter is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year to really get your 'groove' on.

With the million different kinds of sweaters (including some of which do not even have names!), this season is really a fashion fanatics' time of the year! Hoodies, or sweaters with hoods, have been in fashion for a really long time and it is not ready to back off any time soon. It is the kind of apparel to actually fall in love with because it brings a certain amount of casualness to ones dressing. With a pair of jeans and sneakers, a hoodie will be just perfect over a t-shirt to really complete the look.

Doja, a store known and loved by all, who do not have thick wallets, is inevitably the place to get a wide range of options worth picking from. Different colours, patterns, materials- Doja has it all. The best part about shopping at Doja is that when one goes around picking from hoodie to hoodie, rest assured that there will not be any kind of extra, unnecessary pressure exerted on the wallet. With prices ranging from Tk 200 to Tk 400, one can easily buy a hoodie, perfect enough to keep him or her warm while facing the harshness of winter. Other sweaters and jumpers (with no hoods) can also be found within the same kind of price.


Other longer sweaters, which can help girls pull off an elegant look this season, are a little more expensive ranging from Tk 300 to Tk 450. None the less these sweaters are worth every penny. The long (very trench coat like) sweaters can be worn with jeans and pretty much everything else! Since winter is the wedding season, wearing one of these with a saree will definitely help one keep warm without hampering with the elegance wedding look. These sweaters go with all kinds of kameez, kurtas, dresses, skirts and add a certain charm to ones look. Boys can always opt for the stylish trench coats that give one an extremely sophisticated look, which is perfect for a formal gathering.

Another branch of apparel that suits any young student (of any gender) is that of sweatshirts. Sweatshirts, or full sleeved t-shirts, are also very useful during the 'not-too-warm' winter days. When the winter charm is a little off, these t-shirts are absolutely perfect. They also add to the warmth under ones sweater if it gets too cold! And once again, Doja is a haven for sweatshirt aficionados. Ranging from Tk 100 to Tk 300, one will get an absolutely astonishing variety of sweatshirts to pick from. New Market is also another place where you will get your favourite winter apparels with the same kind of price ranges.

Now, it is admitted that finding clothes to keep ones legs as warm as the upper body is quite tough. Those who are not afraid to roam the streets in their sweatpants, we salute you! Although, sweatpants are an absolute necessity at home during winter. Whether one may wear them outside or not, these pants are near perfect to keep one warm in his or her home when winter hits and your home suddenly becomes a 'not-so-humble' abode. Sweatpants will cost about Tk 500 to Tk 600 in stores like Doja and New Market. Of course, apart from these, jeans are what most of us look for, when it comes to keeping our legs warm during winter. But that do not really do the trick. The secret (now revealed) is to wear a pair of warm tights under ones jeans to keep the cold from getting through.

Along with wearing sweaters, jackets and the obvious, winter also induces the need for one to wear other tit-bits of clothing such as mufflers, gloves, beanies and socks, to really let the warmth settle in completely. Wearing these with all the winter gears makes one not only look good, but also really keeps the body warm and cosy. The need for gloves and mufflers might seem pretty insignificant at times, but reality hits while one is walking down the road, feeling complete numbness in fingers and ears. Now, if one is worried about pulling them off and still looking good, they should not be, since these accessories are found, in different colours and styles to go along with our everyday jackets, all around the city. Gloves are found mostly in cotton but there are always those rugged leather gloves which one needs in case they are in the mood to look a little more suave than other days. Paired with a leather jacket and a good looking pair of jeans, one is bound to hit all the right notes. Mufflers provide the complete sense of sophistication. They could also be worn covering both the ears and the neck by wrapping it around the head, which will definitely provide comfort. Beanies are very 'in' during winter and it is the perfect piece of clothing to keep your ears warm. Wearing beanies with a simple sweater and a pair of baggy jeans could help you look and feel cool (in a warm way, of course!).

Keeping these aside, one should also be aware that socks are highly essential in this season. The sudden chill that runs up ones spine as soon as his or her feet touch the ground is a feeling that most of us could do well without. The secret to keeping the body warm is, firstly, keeping the ears and feet well covered. Also shoes are not the best way to go if a pair of socks is not in the picture. While wearing panjabi, wearing sneakers or shoes along with it is a complete 'no-no' and thus, there is no other option but to play it safe and wear a good pair of white socks along with a pair of leather sandals during this season. For girls, a pair of skin coloured socks is perfect to wear with sandals when wearing kameez or sari.

Prices of gloves and mufflers at New Market and Doja range from Tk 200 to Tk 400, while beanies cost around Tk 150 to Tk 400. Socks are around Tk 300 for 4 or 5 pairs. Big Boss in Dhanmondi 1 also offers a good collection of winter clothing starting from comfortable sweatpants to soft, funky pairs of socks. Although the cost is slightly higher than that of New Market and Doja, but they are affordable and worth the money.


Now that we have covered, literally from head to toe, on the best way to keep warm during the winter, there is absolutely no reason to dread the season or shiver your hair off during classes. No matter how cold the winds blow, the winter charm always brings out the best in us as we dress not just to keep warm but also to look trendy. Since fashion and winter go hand in hand...we say,


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