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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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A Great Initiative

The initiative taken by Brine Pickles to promote creative writing and English literature amongst young generation is really commendable. The activities of their workshops are really interesting. This gives writers a platform to experiment and think out of the box. A writer can learn new things and can enrich his mental ability from this kind of workshop. As there are few Bangladeshi English writers who have established themselves in the arena of English literature, this kind of initiative is appreciated. This will inspire young people and can create more Bangladeshi English writers. I hope they start arranging workshop at the school levels too and in a bigger way.

Md Nazmus Sakib
Notre Dame College (HSC candidate 2012)

For the Youth

I am ecstatic and flabbergasted to read all the articles, especially the one captioned ''The Band Of Yout '' sparklingly written by Elita Karim in Star Campus. First of all, a round of profuse thanks to the writer , who impeccably sang a song of the youth. Bangladesh is a country of not only story tellers but also story makers. It is needless to say that no nation can better herself without the contribution of the Youth; they play a pivotal role in every sphere of every sector. We also have a lot of inspirational stories in order to uphold our flag across the World: Language Movement in 1952, Liberation War in 1971 and raising the democracy anew in 1991 so far. Time is running out. It is a high time we look back at ourselves--what we have achieved, not only because we crossed 40th Victory Day. Over the last decade, many things have changed radically. We, the youths, are still learning how to surmount all the forthcoming obstacles in order to expose ourselves as Bangladeshis. One more thing - ''Impossible is nothing''.

Best regards.

Toufiqur Rahman
Mohakali, Dhaka

Learning History

Hey Campus, I was ecstatic to read your issue captioned "Meaning of History: will the youth ever know?" I thank you all for creating such a sparkling issue. It's an irony that although we have crossed the 40th victory day, many young people are still ignorant about true history of the country. So, I earnestly request you to keep helping us by sharing such write ups throughout the year.

Toufiqur Rahman

Chance to be Heard

When it comes to “open-up your mind and share”, most of us really don't know where exactly to put our words to let everyone know what the readers are thinking at the moment. Two pages on a magazine is surely a big initiative indeed. The recently launched feed board section made a clear way out for the readers to voice out. It's more like a New Year gift on the very first day of the year. The new layout of the section and the space provided only for the readers, to let the campus team know that a lot of people around the country are following them every week is fun. This actually made us, the readers, sense that we are actually getting closer to the Star-Campus team.

Maruf Ahmed Pantho

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