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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 6 | Issue01 | January 08, 2012 |


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Star Chat

The sky is the limit

Model Sharlin Farzana
Talks to
Rakibul Hasan

COURTESY: Sharlin Farzana

I completed my SSC and HSC from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. During my days in school I was bit of an introvert and had only few friends. However, I was always interested in extracurricular activities, and I often happened to be the first one to show up during any cultural event at the school. From an early age, I grew a fascination for arts and culture. I took lessons in classical dancing from Bulbul Lalitakala Academy and also won a certificate for my Katthak performance. I was also enlisted as child artiste in Bangladesh television. As a student I was kind of ordinary, but I too have my share of accomplishments, as during my fifth grade in school I stood second in national primary scholarship examinations competing with the students from all across Dhaka. After graduating from Viqarunnisa Noon school I joined the same college. The college was not much of a new experience since the campus was already quite familiar to me. Nevertheless, as a college student psychologically I felt more liberated and also made new friends. On the contrary, university seemed to be a whole new world. Initially my parents got me admitted In Shikder Medical College, Dhaka, as they always wanted me to be a doctor. However, I was passionate about studying law and eventually I was able to convince my parents about my ambition to become a lawyer. Currently I am studying Bar at law through an external programme conducted by the University of London.

It was in the year 2008 when I got selected to compete for 'Pantene you got the look' beauty contest. I won the award for 'best look' at the competition. Winning the title of 'best look' was a life changing event for me as I felt sparks of new inspirations within me and became more confident to chase my dreams. Besides being a model, I got involved in acting as well. Recently I acted in a movie called 'Jagoo' where I played the character of a young journalist named Rukhsana.

One of my biggest ambitions in life is that I want to work for the women of Bangladesh. Being a student of law, my aim is to provide legal help to women living in rural areas of Bangladesh who are often subjected to violence and discriminations. I believe my presence in mass media would help me address and persuade a large number of people to stop all forms of violence against women.

I always get inspired by today's youths, so to speak people of my age as they are always full of positive energy and ready to discover new heights. However, nowadays there are some of us who look for quick success by whichever means possible and thus they end up limiting their talents. I would like to suggest that youngsters think out of the box and give their maximum effort to achieve success. Because when you try with your best, only the sky becomes your limit.

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