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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 48| December 18, 2011 |


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Introvert and Interesting

Farhin Khan Joyita
Talks to
Saad Adnan Khan

COURTESY: Farhin Khan Joyita

I completed my SSC in the year 2005, and HSC in 2007 from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. After that I studied Law for a little more than a year at Newcastle Law Academy. I did not continue with law and joined East West University in the year 2010, where I am pursuing my Bachelors in English Literature.

Viqarunnisa was a great phase in my life. I miss everything about it- my friends, classroom, the field, and teachers. My years spent at Viqarunnisa still feel like a dream. I loved the teachers. They were more like my friends. Of course I bunked a lot and took part in several mischiefs, but my teachers loved me and they still do. They could not stay angry at me for too long. Girls in Viqarunnisa have always been very culturally involved. We took part in dance, drama, debate- it was fun. I have made great friends at New Castle, but I realised I was not meant for the subject 'Law', maybe because I am an introvert. I love Bangla Literature, for which I thought that I might enjoy studying Literature. The only difference between New Castle and East West is that I think I am more involved with my studies in East West because of the semester system. It has only been a year in East West University; I'm hoping to meet more people here.

I have always been an introvert. Nobody knew that I could sing. Once there was a competition at school where my mother, Mita Huq, was the judge. I sang there and only then my friends and teachers got to know that I sing. I was champion in cultural week twice, once in 2004 and once in 2006. I actually never learned singing in the “official” way. My mother has been a constant driving force behind me though. But I have been listening to good music since my childhood, thanks to my father, Khaled Khan who once used to be a famous actor. He has a great collection of classical music and also the best Rabindra sangeet numbers that I have heard, have been sung by my father. And most of my family members are involved with the music world. Because of these many factors, I think I have a 'good ear' when it comes to music, because I grew listening to good music.

I am kind of skeptical when it comes to experimenting with Rabindra sangeet, but my song (a Rabindra sangeet) that came out in the album “Bhalobashi tomake" by Sandhi Ft. Various artist is quite experimental. It's the only Rabindra sangeet in the album. Sandhi wanted to work with some new voices and asked me to sing the Rabindra sangeet “Amar bela je jay”. Before this, I came first in the Uttom bibhag (section) of the competition called “Bengal Bikash” organised by Bengal Foundation in 2006. Later they brought out an album called “Bajuk Praner Banglar gaan” with all the winners of the competition. I had two songs in that album. I also sang for my friend Abid, who passed away.

Right now I am working on my solo album, which I am hoping will come out in the next 3-4 months. It will have ten Rabindra sangeet tracks. I, of course, want to continue singing. I also want to have an ordinary life, with a good job. I think it's very important that young singers like me listen to good music. If we don't listen to good music I don't think we will grow creatively. To have a good sense of music, it is a must that we surround ourselves with good music.

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