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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 48| December 18, 2011 |


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Math-Station: Fun Way to do Math

Naimul Karim

With an attempt to make Mathematics a fun-learning subject for students from grades three to ten, Champs21.com has come up with a series of 'math-related' games under a new project called 'Math-Station'. The games, which are available online, tend to test students with a wide array of mathematical problems. As difficult as that may sound, these games may actually compel youngsters to do their daily Math.

The game 'Jamuna Rafting' for instance, can readily improve a user's arithmetic skills. Inspired from classic games such as RoadRash and Crazytaxi, users need to avoid obstacles in order to continue rafting. However, the obstacles can only be overcome with the help of arithmetical calculations. Thus, in the long run, Jamuna Rafting helps improve a user's calculating speed, an ability that students always require while solving difficult problems.

In a similar manner, users are required to solve geometrical problems in 'The Adventures of Little Tonmoy'. With a setup that reminds you of the 'Prince of Persia', gamers need to answer questions related to perimeters, diameters and various other geometrical laws in order to progress to the next level. But it has to be done in limited time in order to prevent the fat 'Dosudols' from killing little Tonmoy.

The objective of these games, according to Syed Rayhan Tarique, Executive Business Developer, Champs21, is to help students from both Bangla and English-medium schools tackle the panic attacks which are commonly associated with Mathematics. “Through these games we are trying to erode away the fear of practicing math and provide an enjoyable means of studying the subject,” says Tarique.

The inclusion of the humorous 'Madmatics' complements the website's objective, as a huge-headed scientist tries to cure 'mad' characters through different equations. In another game, the user's objective is to help lost monkeys jump from one island to another. It is the simplicity of the concepts of these games that has managed to create a friendly interface, which gradually compels youngsters to play these games.

Catering to the needs of gamers fond of strategic and war games, Math-Station includes a game called Battle-Field. The game which poses questions related to fractions and decimals requires users to solve mathematical problems in order to prevent soldiers from dying. Apart from the above mentioned games, the website also includes 'Mathholic', a game that has been built based on math problems from school text books.

The games created by Champs21 may not be comparable to the complexly- programmed, modern- day, arcades. However, with the creation of Math-Station, Champs21 has taken a unique path, which is bound to encourage students to forget the commonly feared syndrome that is often related to the subject of Mathematics.


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