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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 46| December 04, 2011 |


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A Freshers' Reception

Nafisa Afsana Taskia

The BRAC University Natural Science Club (BUNSC) Freshers' Orientation was held on November 26. After remaining inactive for sometime, the club has revived from this fall semester by the efforts of faculties and students of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The success of the endeavour was echoed in the attendance of an over-whelming number of students from various departments, showing their level of enthusiasm and expectations from the come-back of this club.

An impressive attendance of 55 pupils was both motivating and reassuring. BUNSC aims to spark the interest in science and its wonders among the masses. Besides the natural fields of science including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, BUNSC will particularly focus on the recent developments in the worlds of Microbiology and Biotechnology- the two fields that are much unheard of among the general masses of Bangladesh. BUNSC caters to achieve its goals by hosting seminars, organising inter-university Olympiads and Science Fairs, visiting scientific places of interest and many others.

The orientation session commenced with a speech by Riajul Hossain, Co-Adviser of BUNSC. Throughout the programme, members interacted amongst themselves on ideas on how to run and improvise the club. Interactive games, songs were also part of the programme. At the end of the programme, the members were gifted with potted plants, a small reminder of our duty towards keeping the environment green.

After this successful orientation programme, the members of BUNSC look forward to taking up interesting projects that will promote the potential of Science and its technology to the wider mass.

(The author is Press and Publishing Secretary, BUNSC.)

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