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  Volume 5 | Issue 46| December 04, 2011 |


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Spark of the Spirit: Department of Marketing Celebrates Rag Day

Kamal Ahmmad

The best way of suppressing the grief of leaving your campus and framing the evergreen memories, is to signify a day which students can bring with them as sweet reminisces for the rest of their life. The day, most commonly known as rag day, is celebrated by final year students, marking the end of one journey and the beginning of another.The 14th Batch of the Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka arranged a rag day on November 14, 2011 to commemorate the university life attuning a slogan “Let's enjoy the last day of the campus”. The day was marked with three different sessions of programmes including opening ceremony, seminar on agricultural marketing, and a cultural function.

COURTESY: Kamal Ahmmad

The programme, formally inaugurated by Professor Razia Begum, Chairperson, Department of Marketing University of Dhaka, started early in the morning with the distribution of T-shirts bearing the slogan “Spark of the Spirit”.

The second session was based on a titled, “Agricultural Marketing from socio-economic perspective of Bangladesh”. Keynote speaker, Shykh Seraj, Director and Head, Channel I, added a new dimension to the seminar. Dr AAMS Arefin Siddque, Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka was the chief guest. In his speech, he urged the future marketers to take the imminent challenges to contribute to the dilapidated agro-based economy. In his speech, Shykh Seraj, the keynote speaker emphasised on the necessity of agro marketing integration of practical and theoretical marketing.

The programme came to an end with the cultural function with almost every student of the 14th batch performing on stage. “As long as the programme lasted it seemed that the time had just stood still for us,” said one of the graduating students. Traditional dances and songs, parodies, dramas, fashion shows and music videos by students were part of the cultural event.

Indeed, the rag day framed the fond memories of 14th Batch, with the sparkling spirits of moving forward and to begin their new venture.

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