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   Volume 5 | Issue 45| November 27, 2011 |


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Facing Early Winter

Salman Rob

Slowly and steadily the evening tea with friends is getting irresistible day by day. Nothing can beat those tea times with friends, and you know it! Yes! Winter is slowly creeping into our lives. The season of badminton is about to start. And for the pitha lovers, the time to munch away is coming, so get yourselves ready! Besides all the munching and sports comes the winter wear. What is the outfit that's best during the early phases of winter? Well, it's pretty easy-- wear whatever you feel comfortable in and just top it off with a light sweater or a thin jacket, even a shawl would do. That's the best part about early winter that is lovable-- you can wear whatever you want and just add a little extra to keep your body warm.

For campus wear, the best option would be to wear a light sweater which is available in a lot of stores around the city. First in mind would be Doja or Dhaka College where the array of winter clothing from light to heavy would keep one in a dilemma of which to pick and which to leave out. Westecs is a store where you can get amazing sweaters and other winter wear as well. And if you want something more classy and easy to take off, than you can always go for trench coats. It is also available at Doja or Bashundhara City and even though it's a pretty warm piece of clothing, wearing something light underneath it would make you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. For the shivery lot, remember as long as you can keep your feet warm, you are good to go. And for that Artisan is a one-stop shop for the ones who like to keep their legs warm. They have trousers of HnM and other good brands which are quite reasonable and are ready-to-wear products which are very classy at the same time. The prices will vary from around 700 to 1000 taka for almost all the trousers.

Now, shoes are must-wear items for winter and Hush Puppies can always be a great option for winter foot wear. Their unbelievably soft soles will keep you comfortable all day long and one never has to doubt the smashing fashion they will bring to your feet. A bit expensive but worth every penny. If you want something less expensive then local vans or leather boots, Elephant Road is a great option. They don't have fixed prices but it's better to get them early because as soon as the early winter phase ends the actual winder blow comes with full throttle and the prices will increase for sure.

So, as you go through the unbearable waiting of grabbing some warm cups of teas with your friends during the chilly winter nights at a tea stall nearby or warming yourself up with a tight game of badminton or even munching on delicious, warm bhapa pithas, there is no reason for you to just sit around and mope! Go to a nearby store and start the warm up process soon! Think of it more like a preparation before the big show! Have a warm winter!

Did you know?

J.R.R Tolkien

Author, Academic, Philologist and Poet John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 1892. His early and barely memorable years were spent divided between the city and a country farm. His father, an English banker, was making efforts to establish a branch in that country. Many of Tolkien's early memories of South Africa, including an incident when he was bitten by a tarantula while visiting a rural district, are reported to have influenced his later works. Throughout his schooldays, after having moved to England, he had been a determined poet and scholar. His interest in language was such that he had even developed his own languages based loosely on Finnish and Welsh. At Oxford he majored in philology, which is the study of words and language. He was vert influenced by Icelandic, Norse and Gothic mythology. Even some of the characters and place names he later developed were drawn from the names from ancient sagas. The forest of Mirkwood, which played a prominent roll in both "The Hobbit" and in "The Lord of the Rings" was borrowed from Icelandic mythology. The names of many of the dwarves in "The Hobbit" were actual placenames in the myths!

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