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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 45| November 27, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Always Search the Pockets

It probably was a Saturday when I went to one of my close friend's house and I took my iPod with me. We spent the first few hours chatting chatting and after a while we decided to listen to some music. After listening to some favourite songs and signing along, we went to another room to have some food. When we were full, we both came back to the room which we were hanging out in. Suddenly, I noticed that my iPod was not where I had left it. I searched the whole room and then the entire house and there was still no sign of the iPod. Next, I went to one of the maids in my friend's house and she said something that made me feel like I was shot on the head. She said that she had seen my friends little brother throwing something out of the window! I almost gave up hope and started dreading what would happen to me once I went back home and faced my mother! As I was thinking about all that I put my hand inside my pocket to take out a tissue paper. My hands felt something and guess what it was...my iPod!

Shabiba Mysoon
Sir John Wilson School

Getting Outrun!

One of my favourite activities when I was a little girl was running. I used to love running in the house with my mother running after me to catch me. Back in class one I hardly studied but chose to spend my precious time in playing different sports. As usual, there was a test in class and I didn't know about it and this test was really important. So I didn't study anything. I went to school and sat for the test and wrote whatever I felt. Believe me, the result was a zero...which I didn't expect. Now, the most dangerous part was to go to my mother and tell her about my result. I took up the courage and said, "Ammu ami nah ekta test e 0 paisi"(Mom I got 0 in one test). The cooking stick she had in her hand was about to attack me when I began my '100m race'. I ran around the house with my mom coming behind me. I never knew my mom was so energetic! She ran behind me, until I, surprisingly, gave up. After my mom had caught me, I knew that I had no other option but to get punished! Now, when I think of that incident-- not actually an incident, the best race in my life, I feel embarrassed thinking about how my mother outran me!

Syeda Rabab Alam
Maple Leaf International School

Breaking the Silence!

I remember when I was back in college; we had to follow a rule of keeping our phones silent while in class. So this one day while we were in the middle of class, one of the boys phone started ringing. He had forgotten to put it on silent. He quickly switched it off and got yelled at by our professor. He had called all of us irresponsible and what not because of that one phone. After he was done, there was complete pin drop silence in the class. Not even a whisper could be heard. But soon, to the professor's dismay, the silence breaker had to be HIS phone. Out of the blue, his phone started ringing loud and it wasn't just any ring tone, it was the famous Hindi song, “Bole churiya, bole kangna” from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. The whole classroom had burst into laughter. The professor was very embarrassed and without giving it a thought, he just walked out of the classroom leaving all his students laughing!

Sohan Alam
Notre Dame College

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