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   Volume 5 | Issue 45| November 27, 2011 |


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Workshop on Climate Change at BRAC University

Bangladesh falls among the most vulnerable countries that will be adversely affected by climate change. The geographical location, different ecological zones, overwhelming population, limited amount and distribution of resources will make the situation more challenging.

To combat these stresses appropriate adaptable methods are needed. This will depend on the interpretation of climatic data of the region.

To develop skilled professionals for climate change data processing, interpretation and the appropriate implementation of it the Department of Architecture, BRAC University of Bangladesh has been collaborating with the Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University of United Kingdom in a research named “Adaptable and Resilient Urban Built Environment for a Changing Climate in Bangladesh (ARUBE)”. The research is sponsored by British Council under INSPIRE project for 2011- 2014. Dhaka city has been chosen as the subject area of this research. Energy consumption pattern in urban life and analysing of the apartments of the city are taken as two issues aiming to find some standards for sustainable pattern of the built environment.

courtesy: brac university

A workshop had been held during October 26-27, 2011 at the Department of Architecture, BRAC University to train professionals as part of the research on “Statistical Downscaling for Developing Climate Change Scenarios.” This course focused on the use and application of a decision support tool for assessing local climate change impacts using a robust statistical downscaling technique. This can help in future built environment designs and strategic planning of a city. Dr Christian Dawson and Dr Robert Leonard Wilby from Loughborough University, conducted the workshop.

Academics and professionals from BRAC University, BUET, Bangladesh Meteorological Department, Institute of Water Modeling, WARPO, IUCN, CEGIS among others participated in the workshop.

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