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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 44| November 20, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Cola Ice Cream

We had a fieldtrip to the factory of Polar ice cream factory during our third grade. When we went there, some people were trying to explain to us how the system worked but we hardly understood anything. So, some of my friends and I decided to do something fun since it was getting boring. We took a bottle of Coca Cola from a shop nearby and, when no one was looking, poured it into one of the machines where different creams were being mixed. It was quite fun actually. No one figured out anything and we came back after finishing the trip satisfactorily. After a day or two, the people called our school to inform them about the whole incident. They never figured out that we poured Coco Cola into the mixers! Well, we never got caught for that and we're hoping to do something like that in our next trip as well.

Nusrat Jahin Angela
Scholastica, Dhaka

Teacher's Punishment

It was during the rainy season and our Physical Education teacher escorted us to the field adjacent to our school for practice. The entire field was wet and consisted of puddles in places. We were in the midst of our warm-up when the teacher asked us to stand on one foot for fifteen seconds. He added that if anybody doing that particular exercise failed to keep his balance, that person would receive a harsh punishment. As he had made us practice the move a hundred times before, he expected everybody to surpass. Hilarious as it was when, within seconds, none among the students but, instead, the teacher lost his balance and fell down in the big puddle beside him. The sight was very amusing and we laughed to our utmost content until we realized we had to help him get up. The seven of us pulled him up. He was badly drenched with mud all over him. We forgot about the 'punishment rule' when we saw him in such a predicament but there was this one headstrong guy amongst us who suddenly raised his voice saying, ''Sir, your punishment?'' The teacher was ashamed but still broke into laughter and later gave us a canteen-treat which we demanded in exchange of the punishment.

Afnan Bin Ashraf
Academia, Dhaka

Unlucky me!

In our school, whenever there is a Physical Education class, we always need to bring our school shirts, because we wear the sports uniform that day and the class is held in the first period. We all sweat a lot, so our school had told us about bringing the school shirts in other bags and when the sports class would be finished, we would change into fresh clothes. So, one day, I forgot to bring the clothes. I was punished for that and could not take part in sports class. When everyone was back from the field, everyone was sweaty and no one changed their clothes. So, I thought it was useless to bring the uniform as no one used to change and I decided not to bring mine again. But, yet again, I got punished and so I finally brought my sports uniform the week after that and very, very, very unfortunately, all the other good players from my section didn't bring their clothes!

Tazwar Bin Hasan
Scholastica, Dhaka

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