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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 44| November 20, 2011 |


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A Site For Writers

Md Nazmus Sakib

Right now, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ are among the popular sites. These sites rule the cyberspace. Everyday millions of people visit these sites. Social networking has become a lifestyle. However, there are some other sites where you can not only communicate with people around the world but show your talents and skills. WritersCafé.org is one of them. This is a place for all kind of writers of any ages, of any genres and of any part of the world.

If you are passionate about writing, like to write about different things and want to know what other people think about your writings and get some suggestions from others then this is your place. Here you can create your profile, post your writings, get reviews and suggestions, befriend other writers, join writing groups and enter writing contests.

WritersCafe.org offers several tools for you to improve your writing.Readers can rate, review, and add notes to your writing. You can track how readers rate your writing with its snazzy graphs. Its 'share' buttons allow you to send your writing to all your friends (both on WritersCafe.org and off). You can send read requests to your friends so that they can see and read your writings and give their reviews. The most important part of WritersCafe.org, though, are the writers. They make WritersCafe.org what it is: a friendly community where people can offer advice, share ideas, and encourage you in the writing. You can join to get constructive criticism from fellow members or just read and enjoy others' writings and give them constructive criticism.

Here, you can present your writings such as poems, short stories, novels, plays, essays etc in a creative way. You can use different fonts and different colours. You can also add pictures and music along with your writing. You can use it very easily and it is a lot of fun. Joining WritersCafe.org can enhance your writing skills by sharing your thoughts and views with others and learning from other writers. Here you can meet published and unpublished writers from different parts of the world and seek suggestions from them and discuss with them. Signing up here is simple and easy just like other social network sites, and it's free. The address is : www.writerscafe.org


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