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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 44| November 20, 2011 |


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Campus Edibles

Mollika Snacks - A Student's Haven

Naziba Basher
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

After a long day filled with classes, assignments and lectures, one really does not get the time or energy to plan a fancy lunch with friends and go restaurant hunting. Forget restaurant hunting, due to all the running around and studying, one hardly even has enough money in his or her pocket to actually TREAT themselves to a fancy lunch. What they need is a nice, warm, cosy little place that offers great food at a reasonable price.

For around 23 years now, that is the part that Mollika Snacks has been playing in students' lives. Located in Gulshan 1 right underneath AnW, Mollika is right in the middle of an array of offices, schools and universities. Be it from Brac University, Raffles Institute of Higher Education or Bangladesh International Tutorial, students drop by during lunch time from all places to have their all-time favourites. In fact, students from far and near make it a point to grab a lunch here at least once or twice a week.

Mollika Snacks is best known for their burgers, sandwiches, phuchka and chicken fry amongst other items. These items are sold all through out the day and are absolutely lip-smacking! For drinks, Mollika Snacks have their very own delicious lassi, coffee and a lemon drink they like to call 'lime' which is perfect for any student to beat the heat and refresh him or herself.

Mollika Snacks is a small, cosy place with a humble atmosphere. The low table running across the wall gives it a sense of comfort for friends to sit around and have a nice conversation while munching on the delicacies. In fact, most of the times, groups of students with their bag packs and books are seen crowding outside the snack store waiting to grab some food. Even though, Mollika Snacks is small in size, it never seizes to amuse it's customers as their food and drinks are irresistible.

So, if one always faces the dilemma of grabbing a quick lunch after or in the middle of classes and he or she does not want to spend big bucks of unnecessary things-- Mollika is a haven! With an array of food and a humble atmosphere, Mollika is bound to fill your stomach as well as give you a sense of relief to have found the perfect place to eat in the middle of the death-trap that is the student life!

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