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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 44| November 20, 2011 |


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From A Different Angle:

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is the branch of science and engineering that deals with the study and engineering of flying vehicles operating within the Earth's atmosphere like aircrafts, helicopters, gliders etc.

Being the first residential Aerospace institution in Bangladesh, CATECH aims to produce engineers with outstanding professional qualities as the trainees live a disciplined and regulated life.

Courtesy: Lufthansa Tecnik, Germany during our exchange program

Aerospace engineers are now in great demand world wide following rapid expansion of air transport and restrictions imposed on Muslim student intakes in western countries, said Sumon Sarkar, Managing Director of CATECH.

CATECH signed agreement with different airlines and flying academies to develop training facilities at the airport. It rented a modern 6-stroied building at Dhaka for the students.

Quoting expert opinions, he said at least 8,00,000 new engineers will be needed globally in the next two decades as the airline industries ar growing at about five to eight percent a year.

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) had to increase the retiring age for pilots and engineers to 65 years from 60 years to meet the acute shortage of pilots.

"But this measure alone will not be adequate, unless training facilities are increased." he said, citing a warning by International Air transport Association's (IATA) for severe shortages.

The number of airlines in Bangladesh has increased to 14 from just one in the last few years. Many of them are now expanding while about 125 companies have obtained licenses to establish new airlines. CATECH's one of the faculty Parveen Kumar, an Indian aeronautics graduate, believes bangladesh has potential.

Courtesy: Lufthansa Tecnik, Germany during our exchange program

He joined CATECH after stumbling upon a job offer on the internet. "I thought it would be a good opportunity as the aviation business of this country needs to grow and it is growing. New airlines are coming to the market and the demand for engineers is growing every day." He also said, "Bangladeshi students are determined and aviation is a dream for them. They all are willing to aviation because they love it."

CATECH also has schemes to facilitate Bangladeshi students with scholarships.

Asif Ahmed, 19, dreamt of becoming an engineer ever since he was a student of class five at school. He was determined to pursue a career as a commercial aviator by 2008 when he passed his HSC from Govt. College, Dhaka.

Looking frantically for a suitable University at home and abroad, Asif and his parents came to know about College of Aviation Technology (CATECH). Its situated in Uttara, which is 0.5 kilometre from Hajrat Shahjalal Int Airport.

"I felt unusually excited when I heard about CATECH. I rushed to the college to check it out. My parents readily agreed."

Asif, son of Atikur Ahmed of Dhaka city, is now enrolled as one of the 55 students at CATECH. "The training expenses that need to be paid in installments are quite affordable. Moreover, my son will live close to me," said Asif's father.

Arafat from Dhaka and Monjur Morshed from Dhaka were also enrolled at CATECH, but for reasons different from Priam.

Shaheed was about to go to the UK when he found CATECH. He was denied admission at an UK university because he was Muslim.

He was persuaded to join because of CATECH's experienced teachers, well-designed syllabus, a minimum of 18 months of learning period and a large number of training metarials. "CATECH has all the required facilities. I was thrilled to pieces to have my first experience of aviation."

All three students got their aim fulfilled after completion of course, Asif now at Wishita State University, studying further on Aerospace, Shaheed now works as Aeronautical engineer at Easy Fly airline, Monjur is now at University of Hertfordshire to do further advancement.

Courses offered:
1. Bachelor programs
a. BEg Aeronautical Engineering
b. BBA Aviation Management
2. BTEC Edexcel Programs
a. HND Aeronautical Engineering (level 5)
b. HND Business Accounting (level 5)
c. ND Aeronautical Engineering (level 3)
d. ND Aviation Operations (level 3)

Further communication:
College of Aviation Technology
Sector-11, Road-02, House-14, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Phone: 8991371
Mobile: 01937182470
Email: info@catechedu.com


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