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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 43| November 06, 2011 |


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Young Techs

Nokia Browser visits University Campus

Saad Adnan Khan
Photo Courtesy: Masthead PR

Latest from the Nokia labs, is the 'Nokia Browser.' Since its launch in August, close to 2,00,000 downloads have been made through Ovi Store. To celebrate and promote such a stupendous success 'Nokia Browser Activation' went to different university campuses in the capital for one whole month- from September 28 to October 27, 2011.

'Nokia Browser Activation' went with a series of exciting events aimed for the students and young professionals on the campuses. Three major activities were the highlights at all the events - a multiplayer car game with two players, one using an unbranded remote controller, and the other player using a genuine Nokia remote controller which has a faster response time than any unbranded remote controllers. The second activity was even more exciting when participants were given Nokia baskets in two sizes. Each participant was to catch as many ping pong balls in the baskets within a specified time. The balls which were falling from a railing above their head represented different Nokia apps. The third was a mobile internet based activity, where participants were asked to complete a list of internet activities using their mobile handsets. Those already using Nokia browser on their devices had an upper hand in this game, because all the sites could have been directly visited from the browser's platform without even typing. Based on each participant's performance, badges were given as a reward. “This has by far been the best entertainment for me during breaks between my classes. I wish Nokia could come every day to enlighten us,” says Md Rakib Uddin, a participant from East West University.

The Nokia browser on campus.

The month long 'Nokia Browser Activation' has already completed its journey in the campuses of AIUB, Brac University, Dhaka University, East West University and Daffodil University. On October 30 and 31, 2011, Nokia officials went to Jahangirnagar University where the fun took place as much as it did in the other campuses. “It was fun participating and competing in the activities. Thanks to the officials for the campaign, because now I know about the fun and fast apps of Nokia browser that I look forward to using,” says Nafis Monir, a participant from Jahangirnagar University. Nokia officials want to visit Asian University, Commerce College, Stamford University, and Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology as well.

The Nokia Browser is supported by selected Series 40 devices. The slogan of the browser is “Better, faster and more affordable!” Nokia Browser includes data compression that saves time and money for consumers by speeding up page downloads, and is more efficient for operators by reducing the air traffic on bandwidth constrained networks. It makes favourite content easy to find with locally relevant information, the latest highlights and a list of popular web content that matters to you; web apps take the internet and optimise it for your phone, making the content easy to see and use; makes the mobile web familiar by presenting country (currently available for South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, India, Indonesia and more countries are being added soon) or operator specific start screens. Series 40 web apps are a new and optimised way users can access their favourite Web content on their Series 40 phones. Web Tools for Series 40 makes it quick and easy to create web applications. Through web apps for Series 40 phones, developers can now access a much wider consumer base for their applications, driving even more revenue opportunities. The Nokia browser for Series 40 is available in 87 languages. With all the interesting features of the browser, it's sure to grab attention of the young technologically aware folks.


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